U fouls with examples

Let’s try and use this time away from court to good use. One of the things we like doing is getting back over the rules. And one of the things people still ask questions about is the U foul. Changed some two or three seasons ago and still often people are surprised if you call it according to the instructions FIBA issued. We found a nice vid we’d like to share. Take special notice to the examples!! Grabbing a players uniform or bodyparts is an unsportsmanlike foul people! Let’s not try to handle it otherwise. Lees “U fouls with examples” verder

Cover your violations! Like carrying

We cannot stress it enough. Even in times of COVID19 ;-): Cover your violations!! Players and coaches will focus on themselves instead of on us as referees. And if you let go a violation like carrying and call the foul that comes , you are putting the defense on a MAJOR disadvantage. Check the clip below and think what would happen if you’d let go the carrying and call the foul. What would it do to the atmosphere in the game? Lees “Cover your violations! Like carrying” verder

Flopping clips

If you can’t explain it, don’t call it!!
The main point of watching a lot of clips, by example the clips on our site, but not limited to that only 😉 is to recognize situations, understand them and being able to make the best call possible in your own games. There’s lots of information to be found online, both clips and in writing and I’m sure everybody has heard some refereecoaches talk about how to recognize a flop.
The collection of flops from NBA in the clip we found is hilarious sometimes, but a nice way to check if you can explain why you call the foul. As we always say: If you can not explain your decision, don’t call it! And yes, there are ways to train yourself in explaining your calls. Lees “Flopping clips” verder


We can not get enough of the eternal discussion: Block Charge Flop? It seems like Euroleague doesn’t only provide some of the best athletes in the sport, but sometimes their artistic performances merit a standing ovation too. Or is the defensive players reaction in the clip from Sam Subby legit?? Perhaps there are even people who would call a blocking foul. Share your opinion with us and tell us why you pick that option. Cause: If you can’t explain it, don’t call it!
Lees “Block/Charge/Flop” verder