Do we have a foul??

In officiating we have a special power. We can decide to not blow our whistles in a certain situation. The power of a no call implies we understand very well what’s going on. We need to be in the right place to observe what is happening, and discover that the minor incidental contact did not influence the outcome of the play.  Even after some 20 years in the business: tricky and sometimes after a play where I swallowed my whistle I just feel sad because the reactions of players involved tells me I should not have kept quiet. More often than not in such situation it’s a matter of position and having an open look or not.  It gives me some homework for the upcoming off season to rewatch games, and watch clips as down below. Question : Do you call a foul or not, and in both cases: Why? Lees “Do we have a foul??” verder

Fake or foul??

We as referees need to be aware that sometimes players will try to trick us into calling a play the other way. And off course sometimes it looks like they are tricking us, but we are a little bit out of position so the play is not what it seems to be. With all that in mind let’s check this clip from Basketball Nederland and find out what is happening. Are we witnessing a foul or a fake? And why do you think so?
Lees “Fake or foul??” verder

Violation yes or no?

Covering your violations as a refereeteam is one of the major assets you have in taking control of your game. That being said we do not promote blowing your whistle like a overhyped cowboy in the Wild West.
Let’s check the clip down below and see if you would blow your whistle. The yes or no is less interesting than the reasoning behind it.
Lees “Violation yes or no?” verder

How many?

Basketball is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. The great Forrest Gump could have said it. As we first saw the clip below the awesome ‘Stupid is as stupid does’ came to mind as well. But the let’s assume for the sake of argument here: Ball is released before the shooter is back on the floor. How many points are you awarding if it happens in a regular game?
Lees “How many?” verder

Violation or not?

We have stated before and we will state it again: Correctly covering your violations will help you clean up a possibly difficult game. And ignoring a violation that leads to a defensive foul will inevitably enrage players coaches and even the crowd.
Easy question for this clip: Are you calling a violation (3 seconds) yes or no? And why yes or why no?
Lees “Violation or not?” verder