Travel call or legal play?

Sometimes the stuff we as refs are watching on the court happens so fast that we have issues determining what it is that we exactly saw unroll before our very eyes. It’s one of the reasons that IoT dictates to be distant to the play and steady while making the decision.
That being said let’s check out the clip down below and decide if we call a travel or not. Lees verder “Travel call or legal play?”

Elvis live on stage with Marziali and Alcaraz Moreno

The quarter finals in Greece are taking place today and the matchup of Poland and Germany certainly features an interesting crew from the point of view of our community. Elvis Binders-Coders from Latvia will take court with Silvia Marziali from Italy and Yasmina Alcaraz Moreno from Spain who will perform the tipoff.
The stream is to be found down below. Lees verder “Elvis live on stage with Marziali and Alcaraz Moreno”

Streamalert: Perry and Chueca Moreno team up with Radinovic.

Checking out the schedule for today we were wondering what game would be nice in Greece. The 20.15 clash between Lithuania and Bosnia in the round of 16 appears to be favouriting the Lithuanian team as Bosnia got crushed earlier by a cruising French team. Might be a nice game to work on your mechanics while still keeping a decent eye on the emotion of the game. Great to see our community member Emma Perry will be part of the crew. Ariadna Chueca Moreno from Spain will be the crewchief while Ivana Radinovic will complete the crew.
The stream is down below here:

Streamalert: Yesterdays news but still worth watching

Sometimes I wish this site and all that comes with it was my fulltime job… Yesterday being one of those occasions. In Heraklion Greece the U18 Womens division A has taken off and two of our community members were part of the crew for the game between Hungary and Lithuania. One of them even notified us but our first Monday after summer holiday just was too busy to get the stream online in time. That doesn’t mean it’s not interesting anymore today because the game between Hungary and Lithuania was very worth watching. You’ll see Silvia Marziali from Italy taking on crewchief duties while Emma Perry (Great BIrttain( is in the crew too. Last but not least you’ll see Bojan Jovanic from Bosnia.
Sorry I missed your cue!! Lees verder “Streamalert: Yesterdays news but still worth watching”

Rebounds and fouls, how do we go on?

Some people find it difficult to decide. How to continue after a foul that’s being called in a rebounding situation. Like in the clip below. Foul on red 13, and team red is in the penalty. What do you decide and why??
As we are finding some newer refs in our community I’d like to say Hello and welcome to the club. You’ve picked an amazing hobby and your life will never be the same 😉
To the experienced vets I’d like to say: hey guys, let the rookies hear how you’ve reached your verdict. They might learn from it, and help you in difficult situations later in their careers.
Lees verder “Rebounds and fouls, how do we go on?”

Bonus or baseline?

Bet we all know how it feels. A player penetrates and we spot a foul. Shot goes up and in. But we’re not sure if we need to award the basket yes or no.
Like in the clip below. We have a player attacking on the baseline , the ref calls a foul and the shot goes in. He points towards baseline. (only to realize the defending team is in the penalty, so there will be two shots after all)
But the question is: Do we agree on the baseline?? Or do we want a bonus? Lees verder “Bonus or baseline?”

What will you do?

Lets make it a little interesting here. We have a situation from a game some years ago, that’s in the clip down below. There are several things that could be called if you look closely. The refs chose a no call. So there are different option in the play. What would, according to you, be the best call in this situation and why?? Once gain: we’re not looking to give the refs in the clip a hard time. This community is about helping each other become better refs. After all: you might end up with somebody from the community one day, and it would be nice if you already have helped each other become better refs right? If you’re playing the clip with sound you might hear a familiar voice. Thats true. Yours truly was the host on this livestream.
Lees verder “What will you do?”

Travel yes or no?

We have to be honest with you guys. We were checking some old game tapes and sometimes were surprised about our own traveling calls. So here’s another travel-yes-or-no-clip. It’s not us in the clip! But let’s throw in a little disclaimer: we’re not posting clips to have the refs in the clip ‘walking the green mile’. The idea of the clips is to help us all getting better at recognizing situations. Because the stuff we’re putting up, might just happen in your next game. Or the game after that. Kinda nice if you already have seen that situation before ain’t it?
Lees verder “Travel yes or no?”