What should be accepted and what not?

Bob Bhania and Dennis Rodman

We are not here to promote an array of technical fouls every game, but upon checking this video, I think we should look in the mirror and see for ourselves: What should be accepted and what should not?? Do you talk about situations like this in your pregame???  “What should be accepted and what not?” verder lezen


In a crew of referees you are never alone. Make sure you are on the same page by creating a solid pregame talk. Make sure you know how to act in situations. The following clip shows a nice example of teamwork. Let’s check it and contemplate: Would we have called the same as the crew in the clip?? Would we have contacted our partner to upgrade the foul?   “Teamwork!” verder lezen

More info on EyeOpener Camp 2019

At officiating’s cool we are always looking to help referees improve. If you want to become a better referee there are lots of things you can do. Internet is stacked with clips and instructions. The only thing you need to make sure is you’re not watching clips or instructions with old rules like we did ourselves some days ago.  “More info on EyeOpener Camp 2019” verder lezen

No charge zone… explained !

Since a couple of years we’re dealing with the no charge semi circle as the official wording is in the official rules. Took a while for me to build it into my system I have to confess (and I know some people think I still haven’t mastered it yet 🙂 )
Peter Smith uploaded a great video with good and decent explanation. Mind you: the rules have already changed a bit: a defender should have at least one foot in or on the area to be in the required spot!  “No charge zone… explained !” verder lezen