Rule experiment: What do YOU think of it?

As per the Spanish ACB has decided to try out a new inbound rule for the upcoming season. We’d love to hear your opinion on it on our forum or our instagram.

The new rule says that the referee does not have to touch the ball for an inbound play in their own half of the court. The rule has already been used in preseason games. Lees verder “Rule experiment: What do YOU think of it?”

Maestre teaches: traveling or not!

French referee ace and Eurobasket referee Nicolas Maestre has put together a great video to learn technical aspects. His introduction: ‘The second lun10 clips uploaded this week for pole training. The idea is to show situations according to technical themes, and to argue about the legality or not of a basketball action. Learn the rules by watching these 10 clips every Monday. This week’s dribble-drive start. Check out this second issue I put together for you.’ Even if you don’t know your way in French language its very usefull. Lees verder “Maestre teaches: traveling or not!”

Traveling violations (refresh)

We cannot stress enough that it is important to understand what’s happening on court. The good thing with clips is that you can play them over and over to get them in your system. This video from the Italian Federation is very useful, even if you don’t speak the language. We have several Italian followers so it is with great pleasure we salute the makers of this video. Lees verder “Traveling violations (refresh)”

Contact on drives, marginal or with impact?

Whenever a player attacks the rim we need to be aware if there are contacts that are hampering the movement. Not only on the shooting hands/arms but body fouls can be very troublesome for a shooter trying to get a good shot off. But shooters are trying to trick us into believing they were harmed in the action. So that’s why FIBA has brought in flopping, purist will say: faking a foul.
In the clip below we see a player going for a basket. Question: Is there any contact initiated by the defenders, and if so: does it merit a call?
As always our disclaimer: we show clips to help each other improve, not to get rough on the refs in the clips.
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What will be your decision?

The point where an actual foul turns into flopping can be very vague. In the clip below there’s something to be said we feel for either offensive, defensive, a flop or even a no call as shown in the clip.
So check out what’s happening ,rerun the tape a few times and share with us your decision and why you pick that decision.
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Will you call this one or not??

In the clip down below we see Belgian veteran Sam van Rossum argue about the foul that was just called on him. Let’s dive into that situation and check for ourselves: Do we think the situation merits the foul, or do we think it should have been a no call?? In short: Enough impact? And as always: Please explain your reasoning Lees verder “Will you call this one or not??”

Goaltending Interference or no call?

It’s about once on twice in a season that I have to make a decision like in the clip below. The higher level your games are, the higher the players will jump and then there will be situations where they end up making a goaltending violation. Or an interference. Or none of that all and its a legal play.
So come with us to the Southern Dutch village of Weert for the next episode and tell us what you’ll call and why?
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Rebounding , the spark that can cause a fire (2/ )

A little while ago we used this same caption for a rebounding situation. As referees we need to be aware that players will push or shove their opponents out of position, most likely with a body part that is not in our normal view. So it’s important to recognize how players will react when being pushed. And off course we need to be able to distinguish a real push from a fake.
Taking you guys back in time to 2018 again for a rebounding situation that led to a foul being called. We’d love to hear your opinions: Would you have called it and if yes: Why? Or would you have swallowed your whistle?? Please share with us why. Lees verder “Rebounding , the spark that can cause a fire (2/ )”