What will you do??

U foul! Or not? 

It’s not the first post we’ve done on U fouls, and it’s certainly not the last. We all know that criteria have been adjusted to clean up the game. But from time to time we meet referees , or Zebra’s as some people call them, that try to invent their own rules on U fouls. We’re curious to see what you think of the next situation? And yes: Sam Subby has done the work again. Thank you Sam! Lees “What will you do??” verder

What’s your call??

We can not stress it enough. Always expect the unexpected and train yourself in recognizing situations that might happen on court. That is the main reason we try to collect clips and post them so everybody who’s willing to train him or herself can learn from it. This one is a good one again from the Master: Sam Subby. Lees “What’s your call??” verder

Officiating’s Cool & Refsupplies: Friends for life

At Officiating’s Cool Headquarters we highly recommend everything and everyone that makes our job easier or better. That’s why we are proud partners of Refsupplies. Time for a little chat with one of the owners: Johan Smulders, who -together with his Belgium colleague Yves van Cleven- started this nice new company. Lees “Officiating’s Cool & Refsupplies: Friends for life” verder

Lamonica to Lithuanian cupfinal!

Most people still consider Luigi Lamonica the best referee in Europe. It’s a pity he had to step down in Italian ligue, but it opens great possibilities for other countries! The Lithuanian federation has asked the Italian to be crewchief in their final of the King Mindaugas Cup. Lees “Lamonica to Lithuanian cupfinal!” verder