What do you have? -44-

One of the first things we learned at school a long time ago was that we cannot go through people on a basketball court. And it turned out they were right. So in the clip down below we have a situation that we all have seen before. Fast break, player goes up for a score only to find a defender in his way. Question of the day: Do we have a charging foul here yes or no?? Lees verder “What do you have? -44-“

What do you have? -43-

Yesterday we stated that 3po is the best way to cover a game. We as referees do need to take into account that there really is not an excuse for not covering off-ball in that system. In the clip down below you’ll see something happening off-ball. If you don’t see what’s happening at first run the tape again.
And then let us know: Are you calling a foul here (and if so: What sort) or is it a no call situation. And as always: please tell us why! Cause if you can’t explain it, don’t bother calling it! Lees verder “What do you have? -43-“

What do you have? -42-

Stuff can happen so fast we stated a couple of days ago. It’s not only violations that can happen really fast. Fouls do too. It’s one of the reasons our job is so challenging as referees. And one of the reasons 3po was invented: to have better coverage. So let’s urge all federations to rebrand their strategie and make 3po the standard for all categories. Yes you’ll need more referees, but calls will be better, so play will be better too. And let’s not forget you’ll have more people that think officiating is cool.
Anyway: here’s another interesting clip. Do you call a personal foul? Unsportsmanlike? Or do you consider it a no call?? If you do: Tell us why. And let’s leave the technical for the coach out of the discussions šŸ˜‰ Lees verder “What do you have? -42-“

What do you have? -41- And why?

Are you in for another interesting clip of charge/block ? Cause we are! We can’t get enough of it to be honest. Do you have interesting clips that you want the followers in our community to give their opinion on? Drop us a line on e-mail (info@officiatingscool) or DM on the socials. Check this one out and tell us what you have and why? Charge? Block? No call? We’re looking forward to your answers. Lees verder “What do you have? -41- And why?”

What do you have? -40-

Okay, so we assume you guys started thinking about violations yesterday, perhaps even talk about it with collegues or friends. One of the things that came up at our headoffice is that sometimes it happens oh so quick.
Take for example the situation in the clip down below. Are we having a violation here? And if we do: Would you call it? If so: Yes. If not: Why not??
Lees verder “What do you have? -40-“

You need to go where you got to go to see what you got to see

One of the most important rules we have in Officiating: You need to go where you got to go, to see what you got to see. Position is key and everybody knows the phrase: ‘Look for spaces between the players’ If you don’t manage to get ahead of play -and hey: we’re all human- nasty things can happen as shown in this clip: Lees verder “You need to go where you got to go to see what you got to see”

What do you have? -39 –

Violations are kinda special occasions in a game. As we have stated before we encourage you as referees to use them as tools to take control of the game. By correctly covering your violations you will push the teams to think: ‘Hey what are we doing?’.
In the clip down below we see a nice situation. The question may be easy: Violation or not? But as always we are specificly looking for the ‘why’
Lees verder “What do you have? -39 –”

Eyeopenercamp 2023: In 24 seconds

As we slowly stroll deeper into January we see our 6th edition of EyeOpener approaching rapidly. As you might have noticed it takes place from april 6th to april 10th in Berlin. In this article we take you quickly (in 24 secsĀ  šŸ˜‰ ) along a couple of reasons to subscribe.
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What do you have? -38-

In Dutch we have a saying that is ‘ Niets is wat het lijkt’ which translates to: Nothing is what it seems to be. Or do we as a referee crew think it is what it seams to be. We invite you to check the play below. We played it several times, and as the options are given in the beginning of the clip we could not help but being able to understand every single option. Now looking for our never ending goal to reach consensus on the play. What do we have in this case and why? Lees verder “What do you have? -38-“