Here’s another nice clip!

As you might have noticed, the online websession about the traveling rule was taken down because some errors were found in the lecture. So let’s continue with a nice clip and see what we’re having here. Please remember: it’s not about just the call, but we’re looking for an explanation too! Cause if you can’t explain it, don’t call it! Lees “Here’s another nice clip!” verder

What’s your decision and why?

Last weeks post got us some feedback: What do you mean by not easy? It might be fair to shine a little light on that statement. Clips sometimes have a caption with a hint of where the discussion might be. That clip -just like the one below- did not.


In a lot of clips you can distinguish several situations that might need attention. We hope that leaving the topics open will start a  discussion. So let’s try another one.
Lees “What’s your decision and why?” verder

Give us your best call!

We’re back with a clip that might not be the easiest you have seen here. But in times like these where lots of us are inactive as far as reffing games is concerned ( @ you all who are still or again active: We envy you!) its smart to take a moment and make sure you improve your decision making. Once again: we are not looking only for the decision, but also for the reasoning behind the decision. Let’s make eachother better!
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Thank you and happy new year!

Happy New Year!

No less than 112912 hits on this site were recorded in 2020, compared to 77501 a year earlier. We were able to put 399 posts on instagram with no less than 30087 likes. We’re growing and it seems to be huge. The IG account had 1296 followers on new years eve. We’re curious to see what will happen in 2020. Thank you al so much for being part of the community and spreading the vibe. Lees “Thank you and happy new year!” verder

What will you call and why?

We can go on and on about covering your violations and how that makes life easier on court, but sometimes its smarter to let the images do the talking. As stated before clips are a great way to really break down things that happen on a court and thus make them part of your ROM-disk. (Referee Only memory 😉 ) Lees “What will you call and why?” verder

Traveling (refresh/Repost)

Silvia Marziali Photo by @luigicanuph

We cannot stress enough that it is important to understand what’s happening on court. The good thing with clips is that you can play them over and over to get them in your system. This video from the Italian Federation is very useful, even if you don’t speak the language. We have several Italian followers so it is with great pleasure that we salute the makers of this video. Lees “Traveling (refresh/Repost)” verder