What do you have? -12-

It’s not always necessary to blow your whistle on a contact. It’s not always easy to decide if you can let the contact go. Hence the importance of checking clips and dissecting and discussing what is happening. The idea is you guys will recognize stuff that is happening in your own games from the clips we collected. If you have nice clips that you want to share with our community don’t hesitate and reach out. Lees “What do you have? -12-“ verder

What do you have? -11-

The battle won’t ever end we guess. Charge/block will always stay a topic for discussion. It’s up to us as referees to be as consistent as we can be , so everybody will understand how the rule should be applied. A great way of understanding how the rule should be applied is to watch as many clips as you can. Welcome to the site and thank you for allowing us to help you make (just a little) step in your development.  Alltho we have a 3po crew in the clip below, these situations also happen in 2po games. So tell us what you have and please tell us why? Lees “What do you have? -11-“ verder

Tell us what you have and why!

If you’ve been following us for some time you know we love talking about charge/block situations. But the difference between an offensive foul and a defensive foul sometimes is very hard to make. Check the clip below and share with us why you think the one or the other should be the decision. We’d love to hear from you guys! Lees “Tell us what you have and why!” verder

AOS or not?

Sometimes people find it hard to decide if a player is in the Act of shooting or not. I bet we all can name a few non-arguments we’ve heard before. The best way to get to the essence of it is to know what the rule say and watch a lot of clips and find truth trough dialogue. Here we have a situation. We’re looking for the why you would call AOS or not. Lees “AOS or not?” verder

What do you have? -10-

A few weeks ago I did a nice game where we hardly heard the coach of the home team. The one occasion that stood out was when one of his players committed (at least in my eyes) a double dribble. ‘ITS A FUMBLE’ he shouted, and went back to coaching his team only again.
In the following clip we see the pleasure of an open angle on the play. But: do you consider it a double driblle or is it a fumble?
Lees “What do you have? -10-“ verder

International European nominations of today

Lots of international basketball going on these days and that makes for lots of interesting situations and crews! The European qualifiers for the next edition of FIBA’s Worldcup can be seen on LB TV. For only 8,99 you have a full month of international games at your disposal.  The nominations are as follows Lees “International European nominations of today” verder