Chances for ambitious lady referees!

MIES (Switzerland) – The third cycle of FIBA Game Officials Licensing gets underway this month with a special emphasis on the promotion of female referees.

There is also a new timeline for candidates to register for the 2021-23 cycle.

The registration period begins October 15, 2020, and runs until March 31, 2021, and it is during this time when candidates must be registered, tested and ultimately verified. The list of approved FIBA Game Officials will be announced by mid-June 2021 and the Licensed Period 2021-23 will commence on September 1, 2021.

The commitment to female referees is being made as part of the Women in Basketball strategic objective. FIBA has allocated dedicated License allocations for female referees to each eligible National Federation. Lees “Chances for ambitious lady referees!” verder

What will you do? 2 questions!

There’s another clip from Milan Matic we want to share with you. The question is quite simple: Personal or unsportsmanlike foul ? as stated in the title. We’d like to add another question. As you can see the coach of the team on offense is quite dramatic in expressing his opinion. What do you do about a coach (or a player, or a substitute) who is that explicit in asking for an unsportsmanlike foul? If anything 🙂 So I hope we will get lots of replies with 2 answers! Lees “What will you do? 2 questions!” verder

Websession: Act of shooting and administering freethrows

Time for a websession! 😉

Now that more and more countries are giving the sport we love another COVID-time out we are looking for new websessions that will help us prepare us to come back as better referees than we were. Let’s dive into the act of shooting and administration of freethrows. FIBA Africa did this webinar last summer. Lees “Websession: Act of shooting and administering freethrows” verder

Pivot foot and Travelling (Websession by Developing Others Series)

Especially if you are new to the business it’s not strange if you don’t have the exact feeling for calling travelling violations, especially when it comes to stationairy players who can and sometimes have pivot(ed). FIBA Referee Bernard Vassallo is behind the Developing Others Series on youtube and made an nice explanation. Lees “Pivot foot and Travelling (Websession by Developing Others Series)” verder

Websession: Roberto Chiari about IOT

A few weeks ago we noticed that Individual officiating Techniques are not as widely known as we assumed. IOT is developed to help us as referees make better decisions on court, which will make our job even more fun to do! So let’s learn from the best! Mohammad Rahimy once again has Roberto Chiari , a two time olympic referee and very experienced referee instructor to share his knowledge about IOT.  It’s very worth watching!! Why not start improving your knowledge before the next game you are going to do!

Lees “Websession: Roberto Chiari about IOT” verder