Why a 3po camp and is it interesting if I never do 3po??

In recent days some people have gotten in touch with us to hit us with the same question. It might be useful to share the question and our answer with you guys. In general the question was: Is it useful for me if I never get to do 3po games to participate in a 3po camp? Lees “Why a 3po camp and is it interesting if I never do 3po??” verder

Subscriptions are open!

Three participants in 2016

For the sixth time in a row the International Eastercup in Moabit Berlin will host a refereeclinic and just like in previous years Bob Bhania wil highlight the staff. The tournament and the clinic take place from April 9th  to April 13nd. Officiatingscool.nl will take care of organising the event in cooperation with the Lions from Moabit. Lees “Subscriptions are open!” verder

Words of Wisdom: Arrow of time and Superman

‘Superman’ talking to Dennis Rodman

From time to time our head coach Bob Bhania will share some thoughts with the highly appreciated visitors of this site. We kindly invite you to react and discuss to the topics in our facebook forum or on instagram Lees “Words of Wisdom: Arrow of time and Superman” verder

Act of shooting or not?

Recently we showed a clip on our instagrampage with the question: is this a personal foul in the act of shooting yes or no. The response was huge. Over 100 followers shared their opinion, and what do you know: people were not all on the same page.We had 74 voters for ´yes, act of shooting´ and 44 ´no, it´s not´. Lees “Act of shooting or not?” verder