Let’s help our friends!

Officiating’s Cool owes a reasonable part of the exposure to the Annual Eastercup in Moabit Berlin. In 2014 both our engines met and only five months later the first edition of the clinic took place.  In the following years the clinic (and the movement) developed in cooperation with our German friends, who got a big punch in the nose this year as Corona had the 2020 edition of the Eastercup cancelled. Lees “Let’s help our friends!” verder

A little more inspiration #fitref

Now the weather seems to be improving it might be nice to get some more inspiration in keeping yourself fit, or working towards your best self. Let’s not act like nothing is wrong anymore but in case you need a little hand the pdf fiba issued last month might be helpful. See below for more. In the meantime when you’re working out to be in great shape next season and are taping it to share on social media let’s see if we can find eachother using the hashtag #fitref FIBA_Referee_Training_2019_ENG_Low


The video we found and embedded in this article might be a dangerous one. The rules of our sport are clear so it’s just a matter of observing what happens right? Well. Guess again. Nobody comes to the gym to hear a bunch of zebra’s blow their instruments more often than the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. You have to be smart in what to call, and consistent. We strongly and firmly believe that covering your violations will make life much easier on you and your crew. That is nót an invitation to be triggerhappy and shoot on everything that looks like a violation. Check the video and take some time to contemplate on how you call your violations and fouls. Lees “Advantage/disadvantage” verder

The difference between Goaltending and Interference

Off course: preseason ruletests are pretty far away. It’s only April and all our minds are probably still subconsciously awaiting playoff nominations, but you can never know a rule too good. Therefor a little question: Can you tell us the difference between goaltending and interference from the top of your mind? If not, check this video. Wyatt Anders, thanks for notifying us! Lees “The difference between Goaltending and Interference” verder