Image of an Elite Basketball Referee

The image of an elite Basketball Referee

FIBA has one golden rule when it comes to prioritising for referee training for FIBA games – Game Control. That is ensuring a smooth running and dynamic game where players are able to showcase their basketball skills. This is the image FIBA is looking for. The two or three appointed referees are the ones who are responsible for this game control.

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Rulechanges in the act of shooting

Dutch master of Mechanics Jan-Theo zorgdrager , picture: Theo Theune

As we all know there is now a difference between a player who makes a drive to the basket, a shot and a moving shot. All this is important to decide if you’re gonna award two (or three) shots after having called the foul. (And off course, also for the bonus). Check the clip and make sure you got the facts straight!
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IOT de Basis

IoT (Individual Officiating Techniques) zijn de belangrijkste aanpassing in de arbitragetechniek sinds 15 jaar. In die periode is er een duidelijke focus geweest op het ontwikkelen van 3po, en dat leidde er toe dat de kwaliteit van de beslissingen die we allemaal namen, laten we het netjes zeggen: aan erosie onderhevig was. De manier om individuele acties te beoordelen is een van de belangrijkste vaardigheden voor scheidsrechters, in 2po én in 3po. Daarom weer een stukje uitleg. Lees “IOT de Basis” verder

IOT Fundamentals!

Individual Officiating Techniques (IOT) is the most important foundation for either 2 Person Officiating (2PO) or 3 Person Officiating (3PO). It is evident that in the past 15 years there has been a heavy focus
on 3PO (namely for the mechanical movements of the referees on the floor). This has led to a lack of knowledge in how to actually referee individual play phases in the game – this being the fundamental
skills that referees need to possess in order to process and facilitate the correct decision. Lees “IOT Fundamentals!” verder

IoT nader uitgelegd

Onze aanname dat het begrip Individual Officiating Techniques (IoT) al goed bekend was bij iedereen bleek een wat te optimistische. Daarom de komende weken naar het seizoen toe korte toelichtingen op dit fenomeen dat FIBA geintroduceerd heeft om ons als scheidsrechters op het veld het leven een stukje makkelijker te maken.  Vandaag de eerste aflevering. Lees “IoT nader uitgelegd” verder

IoT Manual

Individual Officiating Techniques! Photo: Elio Castoria

We assume most of you have heard about Individual Officiating Techniques by now, but perhaps some have missed the official explanation by their comittee. FIBA is there to help and they have put together a handout about individual officiating techniques. Applying these techniques will most certainly help you improve your game, so why not give it a try as long as we’re in preseason. You might like what you see 😉 . Lees “IoT Manual” verder