Mental Agility in Basketball Officiating

Basketball officiating is not an easy task, it requires mental agility to handle the fast pace of the game and make the right calls. Mental agility is the ability to think quickly and accurately in dynamic environments. In basketball officiating, mental agility is crucial for successful decision making. It involves the ability to understand and interpret the game quickly, assess the situation, and make the right call in a fraction of a second. Mental agility in basketball officiating relies on several factors including knowledge of the game, experience, and emotional regulation. Lees verder “Mental Agility in Basketball Officiating”

Freethrow violations

There’s a shitload of things that can go wrong during freethrows. We’re not necessarily talking blooperwise, but violations that need to be adressed by the duo or trio. Check the tape Peter McDonald put together and ask yourself: Should I call that as a lead? Should I call it as a center/trailer? And would you call them? Lees verder “Freethrow violations”

Eyeopenercamp 2023: In 24 seconds

As we slowly stroll deeper into January we see our 6th edition of EyeOpener approaching rapidly. As you might have noticed it takes place from april 6th to april 10th in Berlin. In this article we take you quickly (in 24 secs  😉 ) along a couple of reasons to subscribe.
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IOT Fundamentals

Individual Officiating Techniques (IOT) is the most important foundation for either 2 Person Officiating (2PO) or 3 Person Officiating (3PO). It is evident that in the past 15 years there has been a heavy focus
on 3PO (namely for the mechanical movements of the referees on the floor). This has led to a lack of knowledge in how to actually referee individual play phases in the game – this being the fundamental
skills that referees need to possess in order to process and facilitate the correct decision. These are inherent skills of IOT and are similarly relevant to both 2PO and 3PO. Lees verder “IOT Fundamentals”

Oh what a year

No less than 210070 hits we’ve had on this website. A major increase compared to the 174566 in 2021 (112912 hits  in 2020 and 77501 the year before)   We were able to put 368 posts on instagram with a whopping number of 23564 likes. Alltho more posts the likes rose less, so the average went down a bit.  The IG account had 2193 followers, a stunning rise from the 1466 followers and almost a double of the 1296 we had early 2021.  We’re curious to see what will happen in 2023. Thank you al so much for being part of the community and spreading the vibe. Lees verder “Oh what a year”

Update IoT for 3po

Checking some livestreams from around the globe it appears that some of our followers (and non followers, but as referees we all are family, so share the news) have missed the update in IoT for 3po referees. It’s about the signals around 3 points shots. Check below for the new correct officiating techniques. Effective immediately!  Lees verder “Update IoT for 3po”