New Rules 2022 !! Effective for the new season

As you probably have heard or read somewhere we’ll have some rule changes for next season. In the document down below, provided to us by mister Todd Warnick (thank you Sir) you can see the changes in yellow! Today is as good as any day to start working towards next season! Pay attention and be prepared!

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Out of bounds yes or no?

We like to say: always expect the unexpected as a referee. You and your partner(s) are there to know the rules and to make sure everybody plays according the OBRI. Players and coaches, even on the higher levels are not always aware of what the rules are. How is that for us??
Check the following clip and let us know: Out of bounds or not? And what can we say about the actions of the refs? Please keep in mind: these clips are only meant to learn from each other, not to put the refs in question down!  Lees verder “Out of bounds yes or no?”

IoT Fundamentals

Individual Officiating Techniques (IOT) is the most important foundation for either 2 Person Officiating (2PO) or 3 Person Officiating (3PO). It is evident that in the past 15 years there has been a heavy focus
on 3PO (namely for the mechanical movements of the referees on the floor). This has led to a lack of knowledge in how to actually referee individual play phases in the game – this being the fundamental
skills that referees need to possess in order to process and facilitate the correct decision. Lees verder “IoT Fundamentals”

Tijmen Last naar Duitsland voor Internationale nominatie

Onze eigen Tijmen Last is door FIBA aangeschreven voor een mooie ontmoeting in de Eurocup Women. De Groninger zal aantreden in Keltern bij Rutronik Stars Keltern tegen London Lions. Last vormt een trio met Alexander Eger uit Oostenrijk en Nikolaos Tziopanos uit Griekenland. Hieronder de link naar de livestream. Lees verder “Tijmen Last naar Duitsland voor Internationale nominatie”