Jump ball!

Jump-ball situations are exciting, but unfortunately sometimes the administrating referee is unable to toss the ball properly. Analysis indicates that 50% of the violations during the jump-ball are caused by a poor toss by the referee. In other words, they could have been avoided. Tossing the ball is something that needs to be trained on a regular basis, unlike what is currently the case. Lees “Jump ball!” verder

Making a call, decision making and communication

Sometimes we underestimate the value of simple basic techniques in creating the solid foundations of successful basketball officiating at the top level. When blowing the pea-less whistle it is important to have enough air (force) in a short period to enter into whistle. This creates the strong decisive sound. Given the need to communicate verbally the decision after making the call, it is imperative we retain some air in our lungs. Lees “Making a call, decision making and communication” verder

Image of an Elite Basketball Referee

The image of an elite Basketball Referee

FIBA has one golden rule when it comes to prioritising for referee training for FIBA games – Game Control. That is ensuring a smooth running and dynamic game where players are able to showcase their basketball skills. This is the image FIBA is looking for. The two or three appointed referees are the ones who are responsible for this game control.

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