The final two minutes of a game

In the final 2 minutes of the game, you have to have eyes in the back of your head
We all know that in moneytime the game will be on the line. Some people freeze during stressy situations, others need that pressure to elevate their performance. George Postalian is a Canadian referee and refereecoach who conducted an interesting lecture for Basketball Canada. We like to share it with you. Lees verder “The final two minutes of a game”

Eyeopener Camp officieel geaccrediteerd door NBB

Bahnia doceert, en voormalig FIBA Barry Peters luistert

Er is een aantal mogelijkheden om punten te vergaren voor het licentiebeleid scheidsrechters en commissarissen zoals de NBB dat ingesteld heeft. Eerder spraken we op deze plek al over evenementen die de komende maand door de NBB geinitieerd worden, maar laten we ook even over de grens kijken. Lees verder “Eyeopener Camp officieel geaccrediteerd door NBB”

Get plays right! Baseline or two shots???

Baseline or two shots?

Luigi LaMonica is probably the best referee we have in Europe. If you have time just pick one of his games and run the tape, watching his movements, his signals, his teamwork, his communications. It’s really amazing. In this short clip we see him too. The question is pretty clear: Do you want to award baseline for the foul committed, or are you shooting two??

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Protect the shooter!

Players are getting smarter and faster, so we as the designated referees should develop accordingly. That means we have to be aware of what happens when players are in the act of shooting. Shooters will try to make believe they were hit against the rules, but that is not always the case. And still we need to protect the shooter. A player in the air is vulnerable. If we don’t watch carefully players will get hurt. And to avoid that we have to protect the shooter. Lees verder “Protect the shooter!”

Spelregels in Beeld

Een van de betere manieren om spelregels te leren snappen is volgens ons het kijken van clips. Dat geldt niet alleen voor scheidsrechters, maar ook voor spelers en coaches (en zelfs supporters). Kijken wat er gebeurt, wat er gefloten wordt, en vervolgens leren snappen hoe een arbiter naar die beslissing komt. En natuurlijk ook even kijken of dat in overeenstemming is met de regels. Lees verder “Spelregels in Beeld”

Traveling (refresh)

The first female FIBA referee from Italy: Silvia Marziali

We cannot stress enough that it is important to understand what’s happening on court. The good thing with clips is that you can play them over and over to get them in your system. This video from the Italian Federation is very useful, even if you don’t speak the language. We have several Italian followers so it is with great pleasure we salute the makers of this video. Lees verder “Traveling (refresh)”

Back court violation or legal play?

I think it was backcourt. No it wasn’t. Yes it was , no it wasnt …

Even on video this one is a difficult situation. And that’s counted with repeat and slow-mo. Can you imagine being on court and having to make the correct decision??? Please do share your opinion with us! And tell us why you think you make the correct call!
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