What you gonna do?

After a short break due to other obligations we’re back with a nice clip where an interesting situation occurs. We’re curious: What would be your call and why??And let us be frank: the why is much more interesting than the what. Let’s help eachother understand why we call stuff in the way we do. It’s the first step to understanding what is unfolding before our very eyes. Lees verder “What you gonna do?”

Whoops! Count it or not?

We had a lot of feedback on our clip with mister Westbrook earlier. So it might be nice to go a little more into the act of shooting. Alltho this one is another clip from NBA we’re working with FIBA rules on this site, and we are curious: are you counting the basket yes or no and what will be the decision? Freethrows? Baseline?? Thanks refstyle for the great clip. Lees verder “Whoops! Count it or not?”

Smart players #chapter2

Use your head!

Smart players can provide situations that you’d have never imagined before. Check out this clip of NBA-star Russell Westbrook and let’s get our FIBA Rulebook to see what we would call. Act of shooting yes or no?? Are we counting the ball going in? Let’s hear it ! (and please explain! 🙂 ) Lees verder “Smart players #chapter2”

What’s your decision?

It might be interesting to do another breakdown of screening in a few days, because we are hearing a lot of misconceptions about the rules as far as it comes to screening. A nice play from last years world cup to get our motors running. What will you call in this clip?? Share your opinions and tell us why. Explaining the call will help you get deeper in the subject, and your collegues might learn from it! #gettingbettereveryday
Lees verder “What’s your decision?”

What will we call??

In our IG stories we had a great clip in the weekend over a screening situation. Some of the people that reached out to us had the idea that screening always should be face to face. Well: no! In the following clip there’s a nice example of a with-the-back screen that is perfectly legal. It ends with a lovely play were we can call a lot of things. We are very curious to see what you are having! Let’s make eachother better!
Lees verder “What will we call??”

“Intervals and Time Outs: Enough to Communicate?”

‘How awesome are these shirts!’

Our friends at @redig24 had a cool digital session earlier this year with some tools to maximize the time we have during the time outs and intervals of the game, so we can improve our verbal communication with our teammates. Special appearance by FIBA ELITE Referee Jose Anibal Carrion. Lees verder ““Intervals and Time Outs: Enough to Communicate?””

Smart players, what do you do?

It won’t come as a surprise but: smart players often try to outsmart us referees. And let’s be honest, sometimes they do. Same goes for coaches! Once at the start of a quarter the coach of the hometeam came to me: I want a time-out. I told him time should have been running in order to grant him that time out and we talked a bit while the assistant coach was talking to the team. After like a minute the coach that had come to me said: okay thanks, and went back to his bench. The team yelled and came on court. Coach smiling and I was smiling too: he had tricked me! Good job coach!! In the following clip a player tries tricking our colleagues into something big: unsportsmanlike foul, but is it on the act of shooting or not?? And do you agree on the U-call? Tell us how you feel and tell us why! Thanks again Sam Subby for the cool clip!  Lees verder “Smart players, what do you do?”

Tell us what and why?

We love to see clips where a lot of things can be called. The idea to get better watching clips is based on the idea you can dissect all the different sequences in the situation, and really understand what is happening. Therefore we are always looking for not only ‘ what’ is you call, but also ‘why’ do you call it. As we’ve said on numerous occasions before: If you can’t explain it, don’t call it. We are working together to get better , so help your (future) colleagues in understanding what and why. This clip of from our Clipmaster Sam Subby. Lees verder “Tell us what and why?”