To whistle or not to whistle?

The situation in this clip is kinda the textbook example of the essential question: am I blowing my whistle yes or no?? Off course there is rules, but we also have common sense. But let’s hear what you guys are giving in this situation: Are you calling or not??? and please share the ‘why’. It’s more interesting than just Yes or No.
Lees “To whistle or not to whistle?” verder

There’s a lot going on here. What do you call?

Worldcup clips are always cool, and this one from the Great Sam Subby is not an exception to the rule. What will be your call in this situation?? How would you handle it in your leagues??? Please share your opinion with us and lets learn from eachother.
Lees “There’s a lot going on here. What do you call?” verder

What is your decision and why?

If you can’t explain it don’t call it could be the motto on special Officiating’s Cool refereecoach shirts but that remains still an item for our bucket list ;-). It is tho very applicable to the way we work. We invite everybody to share their call in a certain situation and explain why they decide so. That’s the very best way of helping eachother improve their knowledge and their memory for future situations. This clip is from a game some seasons ago but the question is clear (alltho we agree we could have clipped it a little bit more fluently. We’re working on our skills there)< Lees “What is your decision and why?” verder

Another (possible) violation: Are you calling it or are you not?

Well that turned out to not even be a unanymous clip our previous clip about the travelling rule. So let’s get into another situation where the question is: Are you calling a travel or do you think: ‘Nah, I’m good’. Off course the part you are writing behind the ‘because’ is highly appreciated. We are trying to break down in clips what we see, so we all fully understand what’s happening in the play. That way as soon as we’re back on court (being it tomorrow or next season) we’ll be able to recognise the play and make the right call. Lees “Another (possible) violation: Are you calling it or are you not?” verder

Out of bounds!

We bet you guys recognize the situation in this play: you are on the lead position, and both teams battle for position as the ball goes out of bounds. If you are not 100% sure one of our editors often says: make a really strong gesture that old defense gets the ball and hope for the best. It’s not something you want to do six times a game , but if a player is blocking you, or you have a wave of less focus you can do it like that. That being said: What will you call in the clip below and most of all: WHY will you call it like that? Lees “Out of bounds!” verder