Last starts international season in ELW

Dutch referee Tijmen Last will make his first international appearance of the new season today in Euroleague Women. The battle between Villeneuve d’Asq and Spar Girona at 20.00 will have him a crew that features Belgiums Geert Jacobs and Hungarian referee Peter Praksch. Mister Rui Viera is the commisioner. The stream is down below
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What do you have?? -27-

We’re taking you back to a game we watched some time ago. The blue player penetrates in transition, and then…. you tell us. Is it a defensive foul, offensive foul? Or would you rather go for a no call?? As always: please share the reasoning behind your decision. Lees verder “What do you have?? -27-“

Foul on the shooter yes or no?

In your pregame you need to make clear what you expect from eachother. Even if it’s all written down in mechanics it’s important that for example: you check who is looking high and who is looking low. The red team attacks the basket, and trail has an open angle. As the team on offense goes up there’s a whislte. Would you have called the foul on the shooter?
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Do you call it?

The angle is not the best you’ll get , but that sometimes happens to all of us. The ref on the baseline tho has a pretty decent look at the play in the clip. Todays question: do we agree on the decision it’s legal play or are we calling a travel?
Please be so kind as to share why you make your decision. We have junior followers who are looking to get better, and to understand what’s happening. Lees verder “Do you call it?”

Update IoT for 3po

Checking some livestreams from around the globe it appears that some of our followers (and non followers, but as referees we all are family, so share the news) have missed the update in IoT for 3po referees. It’s about the signals around 3 points shots. Check below for the new correct officiating techniques. Effective immediately!  Lees verder “Update IoT for 3po”

Cavara crewchief in Israel

Fans of Mila Cavara (from Bosnia and Herzegovina) in our community should make sure they tune in on youtube today for she will administer tipoff of the Eurocup Qualifyer between Elitzur Holon and Esperides Kallitheas. She will team up with Sinem Tetik (Turkey) and Amalia Marchis (Romania). Tipoff is at 13.00 and the game can be seen on the FIBA channel. But…there is no stream available today. Sorry folks! Lees verder “Cavara crewchief in Israel”

What do you have?? -26-

The main thing we need to do as referees is make sure that in our team we’re more or less on the same page in our callselection. One way of accomplishing that is talk with your partners and friends about situations in clips. ‘Would you call a foul here? If so: why? If not: Why not?? What do we think about the position of the refs? That being said:
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Gajdosz will hit the court with Csender and Matuszewska

Elsewhere in Belgium refs are invited to learn from a great crew that is nominated for the battle between Phantoms Baskets Boom and Lointek Gernika. Andrada Csender from Romania will administer the tipoff at 20.15, Paulina Gajdosz from Poland (Photo left) and Ewa Matuszweska (Poland) will be the other members of the officiating crew. Stream is down below Lees verder “Gajdosz will hit the court with Csender and Matuszewska”

Ortis in Belgium tonight

French ace Marion Ortis will blow her whistle tonight in Belgium as House of Talents Kortrijk Spurs receives Sassani. She will be accompanied by crewchief Sonia Texeira from Portugal and Emma Perry from Ireland. The game will be tipped off at 20.00 local time and the stream is down below.
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New Rules by Referee University

In recent times we’ve heralded Referee University for the great content they have produced, and there’s a new clip we want to share with you. It’s about the 2022 New Rules that are in place since last saturday (or a bit earlier 🙂 ). So take 20 minutes to observe and learn.
And share the link with your partner for the upcoming weekend!
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