Travel or nah Part II

That was fun!! Our clip about traveling or nah yesterday caused a very nice amount of readers to hit us with their opinions. Thank you for reaching out! It makes us very proud to read so many followers from all over the globe are liking what we do. This one is a travel/legal play situation again because we think it’s important to cover violations correctly. The best way to recognize violations is see a lot of clips, dissect them and understand what is happening. If you rewatch and rewind the clips while (online) discussing with your referee friends you’ll make the situations part of your package. When situations alike happen in your real life games (yes we think there will be hoops again one day!) your mind will very quickly react and recognize what happens and you have almost unconsciously covered the play right. Well enough talking for now: click to see the clip ­čÖé
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Violation or legal?

‘Hey officiating! You talk about covering violations and post clips about only fouls’ was the message we got last week and sometimes it’s good to be looking in the mirror. Therefor we found a clip by the amazing Sam Subby and the question is quite simple: ‘Violation or legal play’ ?? Please be so kind as to tell us why you pick your decision!
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A little more inspiration #fitref

Now the weather seems to be improving it might be nice to get some more inspiration in keeping yourself fit, or working towards your best self. Let’s not act like nothing is wrong anymore but in case you need a little hand the pdf fiba issued last month might be helpful. See below for more. In the meantime when you’re working out to be in great shape next season and are taping it to share on social media let’s see if we can find eachother using the hashtag #fitref FIBA_Referee_Training_2019_ENG_Low

What do you think about the calls and how the crew handles the situation?

It’s always a pleasure to see mister Luigi LaMonica work the game. The clip we’re about to show you is quite interesting to see. Let’s sit back and watch some replays to see what is happening and think what would we call? How do we think the crew is handeling the situation?? It’s a worldcup quarter final between France and Spain, almost halfway the third quarter. Lees “What do you think about the calls and how the crew handles the situation?” verder


The video we found and embedded in this article might be a dangerous one. The rules of our sport are clear so it’s just a matter of observing what happens right? Well. Guess again. Nobody comes to the gym to hear a bunch of zebra’s blow their instruments more often than the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. You have to be smart in what to call, and consistent. We strongly and firmly believe that covering your violations will make life much easier on you and your crew. That is n├│t an invitation to be triggerhappy and shoot on everything that looks like a violation. Check the video and take some time to contemplate on how you call your violations and fouls. Lees “Advantage/disadvantage” verder