Feedback for the refs

This time we’re not going to give a hint in a direction whatsoever. There’s something happening in the clip (okay I’ll give you that one) and we see refs acting. The question we’d like to pose is: What was good and what can be better if you give feedback to the collegues. And mind you: we’re talking collegues, so please keep it decent people! Lees “Feedback for the refs” verder

A little spark…

A little spark can cause a lot of turmoil. Check the clip we received from Miss Molly Shaw (UK) and lets see if we can follow everything that happens. Because that’s what we need to do in order to understand what to do next after this.  In some five days we will come back to this clip and tell what the refs did. Do you talk in your pregame on how to cover escalations? Or would you be surprised if something like this happens? Lees “A little spark…” verder

Block charge flop!

Time to get together
It almost sounds like the backing vocals of a 50’s doo wop a capella group: Block Charge flop? The clipper we thank is once again Sam the Great Subby. We’re talking about the most recent edition of FIBA’s worldcup with Greece and New Zealand meeting in the matchup. Let us know what would be your call and why? And how about the guy on the sideline asking for a technical foul? How do you handle people like that?
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Act of shooting teaching Materials

Sometimes referees have difficulties of deciding when the Act of shooting has started. Sometimes players have difficulties understanding when the act of shooting has started. FIBA has made a nice video with explanation. Please be smart and use the terms in the clip if you have some explanation to do. Also be aware of the change in interpretation that was made after they completed the video: if a player passes after being fouled in the act of shooting, the foul is to be considered as made NOT in the act of shooting. High level referees always told me: if you are doubting if it was act of shooting or not (and you should not be, cuz the rules are pretty clear), say yes it was and award the freethrows. Lees “Act of shooting teaching Materials” verder

Legal or block shot?? And what about the high post?

Clips with Italy as one of the teams are very popular so we have another one from the great Sam Subby.  We know we should be looking for spaces between the players right?? So who should be calling the foul/out of bounce on this one? Center or lead?? And what should he call??? What would you do with the high post?
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Now what?

By special request another clip from an Italy-game. Players sometimes have an urge to go to spots on the floor where already an opponent has find his or her spot. Arms fly around opponents arms and vice versa. To us as referees the often difficult task of understanding what has happened.

The following clip is quite the chaos: Is it a foul on blue 8 or a foul on white 9 here?? Thanks Sam Subby for your immer awesome clipping! Lees “Now what?” verder