Now what?

By special request another clip from an Italy-game. Players sometimes have an urge to go to spots on the floor where already an opponent has find his or her spot. Arms fly around opponents arms and vice versa. To us as referees the often difficult task of understanding what has happened.

The following clip is quite the chaos: Is it a foul on blue 8 or a foul on white 9 here?? Thanks Sam Subby for your immer awesome clipping! Lees “Now what?” verder

Oh so difficult 3

You guys seem to like the Oh So Difficult clips and we get it. Online you have a sort of IRS to your disposal, and not everybody is that lucky on the courts. This one is a difficult one where lots of things are happening. We are curious about your opinions for the events occuring after the rebound , and yes we know there’s more happening and yes we know we’ve posted clips with less visible pixels. But still ­čÖé
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Oh so difficult (2)

We’ve had a lot of reaction on the previous clip about a tricky situation and it’s really cool to see everybody giving their opinion on it. Thanks to the amazing Sam Subby we’ve found another one that we’d like to share with you. If you have some clips yourself that you’d like to be discussed amongst followers of this community please feal free to hit us at with a link or a wetransfer message so we can put it online here. The following clip will most certainly cause some debate too: Offensive or defensive and why?
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Oh so difficult

Sometimes players are really giving us a hard time. And I’m not even talking about verbal disagreement or such things. But more like the situation in the clip. Where is turmoil starting? Who is responsible? What to do in a situation like this?? Don’t really know what I would call in this situation, but very much looking forward to your calls and reasoning behind them. Lees “Oh so difficult” verder

Unsportsmanlike fouls: C1

The key to recognizing plays in your own games, is probably having seen stuff before. That’s why we always try to be helpful by showing clips and invite you to talk things over with your refereefriends or online. This one is from the worldcup from last summer and as many clipped by Sam Subby. Lots of players immediately react with the U foul signal, while at first the refs seem to call a normal foul. With the help of IRS they decide to upgrade to U foul. Lees “Unsportsmanlike fouls: C1” verder