Fiba Rules explained: dribbling

Can you explain to me what is a dribble?? And when a dribble is legal and when not?? It’s good to go back to basics and understand how things are phrased in the OBRI. Referee University posted a great video in which they explained the rule with examples and articles from the OBRI. Let’s make another step in being the best ref we can be as soon as our shared passion comes back alive in the open. Lees “Fiba Rules explained: dribbling” verder


The video we found and embedded in this article might be a dangerous one. The rules of our sport are clear so it’s just a matter of observing what happens right? Well. Guess again. Nobody comes to the gym to hear a bunch of zebra’s blow their instruments more often than the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. You have to be smart in what to call, and consistent. We strongly and firmly believe that covering your violations will make life much easier on you and your crew. That is nót an invitation to be triggerhappy and shoot on everything that looks like a violation. Check the video and take some time to contemplate on how you call your violations and fouls. Lees “Advantage/disadvantage” verder

The difference between Goaltending and Interference

Off course: preseason ruletests are pretty far away. It’s only April and all our minds are probably still subconsciously awaiting playoff nominations, but you can never know a rule too good. Therefor a little question: Can you tell us the difference between goaltending and interference from the top of your mind? If not, check this video. Wyatt Anders, thanks for notifying us! Lees “The difference between Goaltending and Interference” verder

Act of shooting or not?

Recently we showed a clip on our instagrampage with the question: is this a personal foul in the act of shooting yes or no. The response was huge. Over 100 followers shared their opinion, and what do you know: people were not all on the same page.We had 74 voters for ´yes, act of shooting´ and 44 ´no, it´s not´. Lees “Act of shooting or not?” verder

Refresh: U fouls!

As you might have noticed last  seasons: U fouls have changed a bit. Whether  you’re a player getting more calls (or getting called more 😉 ) or a ref calling more U fouls, it’s always a good idea to get back to the rules once in a while, and check some videos. So here’s to article 37! Lees “Refresh: U fouls!” verder

Preseason 2019-2020: Let’s go over the rules once again

On our instagramaccount we had a nice clip this week that caused quite some controversy. Check down below for the clip we’re talking about and ask yourself: Would you have called a backcourt violations? Lees “Preseason 2019-2020: Let’s go over the rules once again” verder

Nieuwe regels in geel!

Happy New Year!

Het nieuwe seizoen staat op stapel, en dus komen er ook weer nieuwe regels aan. Het officiele FIBA document met alle wijzigingen onder de knop, in het Engels, maar de vertaling zal ongetwijfeld in de komende weken ook beschikbaar komen. Happy New Season allemaal! Lees “Nieuwe regels in geel!” verder