What do you have? -10-

A few weeks ago I did a nice game where we hardly heard the coach of the home team. The one occasion that stood out was when one of his players committed (at least in my eyes) a double dribble. ‘ITS A FUMBLE’ he shouted, and went back to coaching his team only again.
In the following clip we see the pleasure of an open angle on the play. But: do you consider it a double driblle or is it a fumble?
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International European nominations of today

Lots of international basketball going on these days and that makes for lots of interesting situations and crews! The European qualifiers for the next edition of FIBA’s Worldcup can be seen on LB TV. For only 8,99 you have a full month of international games at your disposal.  The nominations are as follows Lees verder “International European nominations of today”

Espe Mendoza crewchief in Eurocup Women

The European Cups take their courses again this week and it’s a nice option for our followers to see community members such as Espe Mendoza in action. She will headline a crew in Hungary where NKA Universitas PEAC takes on Bellona Kayseri. Her teammates are Martin Kucirek (CZE) and Amalia Marchis (Rou). The link is down below. Tipoff at 18.00h. Lees verder “Espe Mendoza crewchief in Eurocup Women”

How many? If any…

For the sake of the clip: Let’s assume the situation in this clip happens in a 5 on 5 game you are officiating. Make it a big final where you and your partner(s) are having a great game and the crowd is going wild over stellar play. In the final seconds of the tight game this one is happening. What are you having and why?? Do you award a score? If yes, how many points?
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