Calling a foul you have to be VERY VERY sure

We stated before: if you decide to call a foul, you have to be sure. Because if you gamble and you take away 20% of the players life in the game while you should not  you are pretty heavily impacting the game. That being said: check the play in the clip below and share with us: are you calling a foul or are you calling a jumpball?? Please be so kind as to share the reasoning behind.
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Websession IOT with Roberto Chiari

A few weeks ago we noticed that Individual officiating Techniques are not as widely known as we assumed. IOT is developed to help us as referees make better decisions on court, which will make our job even more fun to do! So let’s learn from the best! Roberto Chiari , a two time olympic referee and very experienced referee instructor shares his knowledge about IOT.  It’s very worth watching!! Why not start improving your knowledge before the next game you are going to do!

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A lot happened there, now what?

You need to go where you got to go to see what you got to see. It’s a saying that could go on a sign on the wall on our office. Going into the clip below we can safely say the crew went were they had to go to see what they had to see. But what did they see? Check out the clip and share with us what you would call and why?
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Juras calls it a 5×5 career

It was truly the end of an era earlier this week as Umana Reyer faced Valencia BC in Venice Italy. The Eurocup Women game featured the final 5×5 game from Serbian crewchief Jasmina Juras, one of the leading ladies in European Officiating. She was accompanied by Ivana Ivanovic and Ceccilia Toth. Down below the game is to be reviewed for learning purposes.
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