Come on ref he was moving!

It’s often the type of calls that will get you the most -let me put it nicely- feedback from players and coaches. Are we talking charge or block here??

In the early stages of one’s career when you think: Damn, it’s pretty cool this officiating thing! it’s really hard to understand the type of things you witness on court. Hence why FIBA teaching materials are such a great invention! Grab your rulebook and try to get what’s happening in the situations you will see in the clip below.  Lees verder “Come on ref he was moving!”

Liz Famina live in action #livestreamalert

Later today Polskieprzetwory Bydgoszcz ( I had to copy paste that, sorry…) will tip off their game versus Eleftheria Moschatou. We noticed a follower of our community in the crew: Liz Famina will team up with Petr Blahout (Czechia) and Andris Aunkrogers (Latvia) for that game. The link to the stream is down below. Lees verder “Liz Famina live in action #livestreamalert”

Eurocup Women voor Tijmen Last

Gisteravond kwam in Luik onze FIBA referee Tijmen Last in actie tijdens de tweede wedstrijd tussen Liege Panthers en Ulriken Eagles. Hij vormde een crew met Andrada Csender uit Roemenie en Ariadna Moreno uit Spanje. Wil je de wedstrijd terugkijken om eens te zien hoe er op het hoogste niveau met signalen en arbitragetechniek omgegaan wordt?? check de link onder de knop.
Lees verder “Eurocup Women voor Tijmen Last”

Livestream alert: Silvia Marziali in action

She features a lot on our website, for we are a big fan of hers: Silvia Marziali from Italy. Today she will headline the crew that will get ready for the tipoff in Eurocup women. The match is between Elazig Il Özel Idare and PAOK The livestream is down below.
Her collegues are Miloslav Kaludjerovic and Suzana Vujicic from Montenegro. Lees verder “Livestream alert: Silvia Marziali in action”

Tournament Talk: Lundaspelen

We did it before, and we’re doing it again: Tournament Talk. There is hardly a better way imaginable to meet other referee-maniacs such as yourself. For coaches it’s great to work tournaments because there’s an immediate option for the coachee to work with the feedback given. And hey: tournament refereeshirts add to the fun too right? Lees verder “Tournament Talk: Lundaspelen”

#Livestreamalert Bert van Slooten as crewchief

Dutch FIBA referee and on of our coaches at our 2015 camp in Berlin Bert van Slooten will headline the crew that will be in charge of Ullriken Eagles versus Liege Panthers (Eurocup Women) later today. Isak Kristinsson and Juozas Barkauskas are the other officials in the crew. Tipoff is at 19.00 and the stream is to be found down below. Lees verder “#Livestreamalert Bert van Slooten as crewchief”

Act of shooting explained

We assume most of our readers will have done their preseason tests already so this may seem a little bit redundant, but the quality of the clip is more than enough to share with you all. The act of shooting will be a constant topic in games. It’s usefull to be aware of how the rule works, and our friends at Referee University once again did an awesome job. Lees verder “Act of shooting explained”