Dealing With coaches – Oggie Sokolovic

Sometimes dealing with coaches is one of the most difficult tasks at hand in a game. The challenges are real and it’s good to hear experienced refs out how they handle stuff. Not to say that they will give you the only right way, but in sharing experiences we can learn from eachothers experiences. Here’s a nice lecture from Oggie Sokolovic who speaks at the event for Toronto Basketball officials. Fifty interesting minutes that will help you build a roadmap to easier dealing with coaches. Enjoy! Lees verder “Dealing With coaches – Oggie Sokolovic”

Scoring on your own basket and getting a U foul along

Time to get together!

Scoring on your own basket is bad. But sometimes it happens by accident. We stumbled upon a clip of a team that scored on their own basket from threepointrange. Wowzers! We’re talking worldcup here! Lees verder “Scoring on your own basket and getting a U foul along”

Charge/block – tell us what you have! #ourdecision

Some days ago we had this awesome clip from Sam Subby and asked you about #yourdecision. Most people came up with a blocking foul, some agreed on our first idea of a charge and we even had some smart guys and girls who went for a flop. Lees verder “Charge/block – tell us what you have! #ourdecision”

Offensive or defensive?? Difficult situation!

One of our readers sent us a clip that had the whole team gather around the monitor. Difficult situation to the max and very easy to have three different opinions in a threeman crew we think. But go and see for yourself and share your thoughts with the rest of the officiating’s cool community.
Lees verder “Offensive or defensive?? Difficult situation!”