Counting Down to Zehlendorf…

After the shocking world news of the last days its time for some positive news. Let’s talk a little about Tournaments. There is hardly a better way imaginable to meet other referee-maniacs such as yourself. For coaches it’s great to work tournaments because there’s an immediate option for the coachee to work with the feedback given. And hey: tournament refereeshirts add to the fun too right? Fast forward to June 5th as the German Capital features the Zehlendorf Tournament. Lees verder “Counting Down to Zehlendorf…”

Things are not what they seem

Sometimes you see things happening on the court that are not really happening. It’s our job to be in the best spot possible to make sure that we don’t get a mixed message and we can lead the game according to the rules and how they are meant.
That being said: check the clip down below and tell us what you would do and why?? No call? Offensive foul? Defensive foul? Flop???
Lees verder “Things are not what they seem”

What do you have? -19-

We used to call it: You have to look for spaces between the players. We use to call it now: have an open angle to the play. However you want to put it: it’s our job to look where we have to look to see what we have to see.  Check the link below and tell us what you would do and why: Call offensive? Call defensive? Or swallow your whistle and decide for a no call. Lees verder “What do you have? -19-“

Yana Nikogossyan sees action in Worldcup Qualifiers

Our valued Armenian Ambassador Yana Nikogossyan will get on court today for the interesting matchup between China and Nigeria in Serbia. Tipoff at 15.00 local time in Belgrado. She will be accompanied by Kerim Baki from Turkey and Hortencia Sanchez Carrizales from Mexico. The game will be broadcasted at the platform. You’re still in time to get your subscription live!! We wish Yana a great game and an awesome experience!

Anaya Freile Crewchief in Washington

Our collegue Julia Anaya Freile (picture) from will headline the crew for the first game of the Woman Worldcup Qualifying Tournament between Belgium and Puerto Rico later today. The Panama crewchief will be accompanied by Ariadna Chueca Moreno from Spain, and Waseem Husainy from Canada.
The game will tip off at 16.30 local time, which means 22.30 Amterdam time. The game will be broadcasted by


Another one to regular refresh your memory is the backcourt rule. It’s important to be able to cover your violations, because it will make your life (and your partners) so much easier on court.
So let’s grab our rulebook, check the BR2BC rule and see if in the following clip you were to blow the whistle. Or not.
Reasoning behind your call is highly appreciated. Lees verder “Backcourt???”