What do you have ? -16-

To blow your whistle or to not blow your whistle. We shared some clips with you guys before, and it’s nice to see most of the time people are getting close to agreeing on the play. So please share with us your views in the comments or on the different fora. Our instagram and facebook are open too if you want to exchange thoughts with us. Lees verder “What do you have ? -16-“

What do you have? -15-

As we all know small occasions can have huge impact on the outcome of the game. A simple out of bounds play might give one team momentum, and steal it from the other with immense consequences. Check the play in the game and let’s see what we come up with in doing things differently in our game. And don’t be scared, we won’t ask you for proof on tape 😉 Lees verder “What do you have? -15-“

Nominations for Worldcup Qualifying Tournament in Japan

As per basketballdommer.com the FIBA has nominated a crew for the upcoming qualification tournaments for Worldcup Women 2022. In february the tournament in Japan will see the following refs take the court. Lees verder “Nominations for Worldcup Qualifying Tournament in Japan”

What do you have? -14-

You need to go where you got to go, to see what you have to see. It’s a little bit of our motto for it states that it’s not really that big of a deal where you are, but you have to be in a right spot to see what you have to see. Because it’s our job to see what is happening and apply the rules accordingly.
Bring in the clip down below: it’s a nice situation where you can have all kinds of calls. Please share with us what you think is the case and more importantly: WHY you think your call is the best call possible.
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What do you have? -12-

It’s not always necessary to blow your whistle on a contact. It’s not always easy to decide if you can let the contact go. Hence the importance of checking clips and dissecting and discussing what is happening. The idea is you guys will recognize stuff that is happening in your own games from the clips we collected. If you have nice clips that you want to share with our community don’t hesitate and reach out. Lees verder “What do you have? -12-“

What do you have? -11-

The battle won’t ever end we guess. Charge/block will always stay a topic for discussion. It’s up to us as referees to be as consistent as we can be , so everybody will understand how the rule should be applied. A great way of understanding how the rule should be applied is to watch as many clips as you can. Welcome to the site and thank you for allowing us to help you make (just a little) step in your development.  Alltho we have a 3po crew in the clip below, these situations also happen in 2po games. So tell us what you have and please tell us why? Lees verder “What do you have? -11-“