Last nominated for first FIBA Final

Dutch referee Tijmen Last, working his third FIBA tournament this summer in Skopje North Macedonia with the boys U16 A division has received a steller nomination to top off his summer. At 21.00 tonight he’ll be part of the crew that gets to officiate the final between Lithuania and Spain.
Lithuania so far boasts a perfect record while Spain opened with a loss and after that went perfect. Crewchief tonight is Serbian referee Nemanja Ninkovic while Styling Symionidis from Greece is the third part of the crew.
The game can be seen through the link down below: Lees verder “Last nominated for first FIBA Final”

Streamalert: Perry and Chueca Moreno team up with Radinovic.

Checking out the schedule for today we were wondering what game would be nice in Greece. The 20.15 clash between Lithuania and Bosnia in the round of 16 appears to be favouriting the Lithuanian team as Bosnia got crushed earlier by a cruising French team. Might be a nice game to work on your mechanics while still keeping a decent eye on the emotion of the game. Great to see our community member Emma Perry will be part of the crew. Ariadna Chueca Moreno from Spain will be the crewchief while Ivana Radinovic will complete the crew.
The stream is down below here: Lees verder “Streamalert: Perry and Chueca Moreno team up with Radinovic.”

Hoxha and Marziali in bronze medal game Boysu18

The U18 men have their final day in division C too today. For the bronze medal game between Luxemburg and Azerbaijan our new community member Gilbert Hoxha (Albania)has been nominated together with Silvia Marziali (Italy) and Milosav Kaludjerovic from Montenegro. Tipoff is at 17.45 and the game can be seen down below. Lees verder “Hoxha and Marziali in bronze medal game Boysu18”

Torok nominated for bronze medal game

Our very own Daniella Torok has been nominated for the 3th place game in the U18 women division C event today. In Andorra the home team will face Albania that yesterday just narrowly missed out on beating title favorite Georgia.
She will team up with James Dominique from Gibraltar while Jelena Smiljanic will perform the tipoff.
The game can be seen down here: Lees verder “Torok nominated for bronze medal game”

Shalamberidze crewchief!

Our favorite referee from Georgia, Make Shalamberidze has been nominated for the first time as a crewchief in a FIBA game. She will administer tipoff for the game between Gibraltar and Moldova at the u18 division C championship. It’s the clasificationgame for 5th place in the event. Shalamberidze will team up with Antonio Zamora from Andorra and Jurgen Muho from Albania.
Tipoff is at 13.00 and the game can be found down here: Lees verder “Shalamberidze crewchief!”

Super Livestream Saturday: Matuszewska

And if you’re really wanting to get better there’ s another match we’d suggest you check on. Latvia versus Portugal at 19.15 tonight will see a crew that consists of David Tomasson (Iceland), Ewa Matuszewska (Poland) and Giacomo Dori (Italy).
The stream is down below; Lees verder “Super Livestream Saturday: Matuszewska”

Super Livestream Saturday: Mendoza

The Women U18 division B open their tournament today and that gives another possibility to learn from europe’s best referees. One of them is without a doubt Esperanza Mendoza from Spain who is part of the crew for the battle between Austria and Romania at 20.30. She will team up with Angel Ivanov (Bulgaria) and Vladislav Isachenko (Ukraine) Lees verder “Super Livestream Saturday: Mendoza”

Last crewchief

Onze eigen Tijmen Last komt vandaag in actie als crewchief op het EK voor B landen in Roemenië. Hij is aangesteld voor de ontmoeting tussen Finland en Oostenrijk. Oostenrijk verloor de eerste wedstrijd gister en Finland start vandaag het toernooi. De teamgenoten van Last zijn Kirile Tauri uit Georgie en Martin Morozov uit Bulgarije.
Tipoff is om 13.30 uur en de stream kan je hieronder vinden: Lees verder “Last crewchief”