Protect the shooter!

Players are getting smarter and faster, so we as the designated referees should develop accordingly. That means we have to be aware of what happens when players are in the act of shooting. Shooters will try to make believe they were hit against the rules, but that is not always the case. And still we need to protect the shooter. A player in the air is vulnerable. If we don’t watch carefully players will get hurt. And to avoid that we have to protect the shooter. Lees “Protect the shooter!” verder

Traveling (refresh)

The first female FIBA referee from Italy: Silvia Marziali

We cannot stress enough that it is important to understand what’s happening on court. The good thing with clips is that you can play them over and over to get them in your system. This video from the Italian Federation is very useful, even if you don’t speak the language. We have several Italian followers so it is with great pleasure we salute the makers of this video. Lees “Traveling (refresh)” verder

Back court violation or legal play?

I think it was backcourt. No it wasn’t. Yes it was , no it wasnt …

Even on video this one is a difficult situation. And that’s counted with repeat and slow-mo. Can you imagine being on court and having to make the correct decision??? Please do share your opinion with us! And tell us why you think you make the correct call!
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Now what?

Sometimes you wish you had ten collegues in a crew

We will never try to tell you that officiating is easy. Off course you can make it easier on yourself in a number of ways: being in the right spot, looking at the right area of responsability, decent knowledge of rules and interpretations and so on. We absolutely feel that checking clips will help you improve. If you analyse clips, being it high level or your own games, you will grasp the essential of what has happened, and will be able to recognise things happening in one of your coming games. That said… Lees “Now what?” verder

Unsportsmanlike foul C1

Officiating is cool! Smiling is allowed! Photo: @ginaerdosphotography

Not everybody is lucky enough to have IRS present to help you make the best call possible. Therefore we need to hustle as a team (2po as well as 3po) to be able to assist on certain plays. The clip shown down here shows a turnover situation where the refs use the help of the IRS to upgrade to an Unsportsmanlike foul. Do you agree?? And will you remember this situation as you step on court later this weekend to make the correct decision??
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Getting back on track: Examples of Charge/Block situations

Charge! or not?? Photo: ginaerdosphotography

As season is about to be back on track (or already has restarted) after the Christmasbreak it’s smart to prepare for what’s going to happen on court. This weekend my season tips of on saturday , so I’m going to see if I recognize correctly what’s happening as players bump into each other.  You joining?? Would you call a charge or a block?
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Flop or fake?

Sometimes players try to trick refs into giving their opponent a foul. And sometimes they manage to do so. In order to be able to make the right call it is important to understand what happens on a court. We’ve found a clip with lots of nice examples and rewinds. Just take a little time to watch them and see if you understand what’s happening. Would you call the foul or the flop??
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