Always work to get in the right position!

You need to go where you gotta go , to see what you gotta see. It has been our motto for ages, and we might have it printed on t-shirts if we ever decide to take that turn. For lead referees that means that you have to be on the baseline the moment play is on the freethrowline, so work for it! In this Sam Subby clip we have a situation where the calling ref is pretty nicely in the right position. But a lot of things can be called. What will you be calling in this situation? Lees “Always work to get in the right position!” verder

No call/ foul ?? What will you do?

Sometimes there’s a very thin line between a no call and a defensive foul. Our coaches always say: if you can’t explain it, don’t call it. So now we are curious what you all will make from the next clip: Defensive foul or no call? Or even something else??? Please share your view with us, and do explain why this is your decision. Lees “No call/ foul ?? What will you do?” verder

What will you call?

Sometimes even a 3po crew is not enough to immediately understand what is happening. Well let’s be honest here: I had to check the replay to see what went on. You all can too. What will be the call you will make in the situation in this clip??? Thanks again to Sam Subby for finding this awesome situation. In a few days our decision, so check back! Lees “What will you call?” verder

Backcourt or legal play?

What’s your decision?

You always have to be prepared for everything as a referee. One of the main contributors to our preparation for the season is clipping hero Sam Subby. The question is quite clear: in this clip: are you calling violation (backcourt) or legal play?Our decision will follow in a few days, so check back Lees “Backcourt or legal play?” verder