What will you do??

U foul! Or not? 

It’s not the first post we’ve done on U fouls, and it’s certainly not the last. We all know that criteria have been adjusted to clean up the game. But from time to time we meet referees , or Zebra’s as some people call them, that try to invent their own rules on U fouls. We’re curious to see what you think of the next situation? And yes: Sam Subby has done the work again. Thank you Sam! Lees “What will you do??” verder

What’s your call??

We can not stress it enough. Always expect the unexpected and train yourself in recognizing situations that might happen on court. That is the main reason we try to collect clips and post them so everybody who’s willing to train him or herself can learn from it. This one is a good one again from the Master: Sam Subby. Lees “What’s your call??” verder

Freethrow Violations

There’s a shitload of things that can go wrong during freethrows. We’re not necessarily talking blooperwise, but violations that need to be adressed by the duo or trio. Check the tape Peter McDonald put together and ask yourself: Should I call that as a lead? Should I call it as a center/trailer? And would you call them? Lees “Freethrow Violations” verder

Traveling (refresh)

Rewatching some gametapes from this current season I noticed I am losing a step or two in criteria of traveling violations. Yes off course one remembers that the traveling rule changed recently, but somehow it looks like I’m calling the old criteria. I might be the only one who does, but I doubt it, so here’s a great video by Peter McDonald about the updates we’ve had.  Lees “Traveling (refresh)” verder