As a referee that’s looking for his or her best possible performance every single game you have to keep focussing untill the final horn has blown. Especially when the score is tight you need to make sure you go where you have to go to see what you have to see. The following clip is from Referee University. A lot can be called in this final play. Please do share with us what you would call and why?? #ifyoucantexplainitdontcallit Lees “#ifyoucantexplainitdontcallit” verder

Van Slooten actief als crewchief #livestreamalert

De Nederlandse FIBA scheidsrechter Bert van Slooten is één van drie Nederlandse fluitisten die deze week internationaal in actie komt. Hij is door FIBA aangewezen als crewchief voor de ontmoeting tussen Haukar en Villeneuve d’Asq deze donderdag in Haukar. Lees “Van Slooten actief als crewchief #livestreamalert” verder

Van Bochove sees international action in Belgium

He’s the youngest FIBA referee from Holland and was one of our coaches at our very first refereeclinic in Berlin a little bit more than six years ago. Arnoud van Bochove will see international action today in Belgium where he’s part of the crew for the game between Basket Namur Capitale and Ensino Lugo CB. Crewchief duties are for Gavin Williams from Wales while the experienced french refereeen Marion Ortis makes it three for the trio. Down below the livestream Lees “Van Bochove sees international action in Belgium” verder

Van Bochove naar Namur voor internationale aanschrijving

Ook Arnoud van Bochove komt deze week internationaal in actie. De jongste FIBA van Nederland , in 2015 één van de coaches op onze eerste clinic in Berlijn, is afgereist naar Belgie waar hij Basket Namur Capitale en Ensino Lugo CB in goede banen mag leiden. Bij Namur speelt onder andere Nederlandse international Jacobine Klerx. Commisaris bij deze wedstrijd is Sander Faassen. Crewchief duties zijn voor Gavin Williams uit Wales en Marion Ortis is de zeer ervaren Francaise die het trio completeert. Hieronder de link naar de livestream. Lees “Van Bochove naar Namur voor internationale aanschrijving” verder

Back by Popular Demand: Charge/Block

Well it’s been a while, but we got some requests for a cool charge/block video, and one of you guys even suggested a nice one, that is down below. As always the clips are not to make fun of the referees, but we want to aim on improving our own judgement through understanding what happens. Let youtube in this case be your own IRS in a way 😉
So what is your call and why??
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#Livestreamalert Marziali crewchief in Euroleague Women

Italia’s Silvia Marziali will today headline the crew for the ELW game between KSC Szekszard and Basket Lattes Montpellier. The game tips off at 18.00 Hungarian time. She will be accompanied by Stylianos Simeonidis from Greece and Veronika Vavrova from Czechia.
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Always expect the unexpected!!

There’s a good reason that you don’t want to lose sight of the players. We have an awesome clip down here from Referee University. Let’s not dive too deep into the signalling for the offensive foul, but let’s see what happens afterwards. And keep in mind to talk about stuff like this in our pregame next time around.
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Come on ref he was moving!

It’s often the type of calls that will get you the most -let me put it nicely- feedback from players and coaches. Are we talking charge or block here??

In the early stages of one’s career when you think: Damn, it’s pretty cool this officiating thing! it’s really hard to understand the type of things you witness on court. Hence why FIBA teaching materials are such a great invention! Grab your rulebook and try to get what’s happening in the situations you will see in the clip below.  Lees “Come on ref he was moving!” verder

Liz Famina live in action #livestreamalert

Later today Polskieprzetwory Bydgoszcz ( I had to copy paste that, sorry…) will tip off their game versus Eleftheria Moschatou. We noticed a follower of our community in the crew: Liz Famina will team up with Petr Blahout (Czechia) and Andris Aunkrogers (Latvia) for that game. The link to the stream is down below. Lees “Liz Famina live in action #livestreamalert” verder