Websession IOT with Roberto Chiari

A few weeks ago we noticed that Individual officiating Techniques are not as widely known as we assumed. IOT is developed to help us as referees make better decisions on court, which will make our job even more fun to do! So let’s learn from the best! Roberto Chiari , a two time olympic referee and very experienced referee instructor shares his knowledge about IOT.  It’s very worth watching!! Why not start improving your knowledge before the next game you are going to do!

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Websession 3po! #mechanics

One of the pro’s of 3 person officiating is that the crew has better angles on the play, and therefor can serve the game by making better decisions. If you ask us it’s not the only pro. Being on court with 2 friends is better than with just one 😉
Fiba Asia did a great session on mechanics in 3po. It’s not covering every single situation you will meet but it gives a nice start. If you really want to learn it i’d suggest you drop us an e-mail. We can notify you as soon as our eyeopener camp has a date for the upcoming edition. Lees “Websession 3po! #mechanics” verder

“Intervals and Time Outs: Enough to Communicate?”

‘How awesome are these shirts!’

Our friends at @redig24 had a cool digital session earlier this year with some tools to maximize the time we have during the time outs and intervals of the game, so we can improve our verbal communication with our teammates. Special appearance by FIBA ELITE Referee Jose Anibal Carrion. Lees ““Intervals and Time Outs: Enough to Communicate?”” verder

Emotional Control and Mistake Management with Orlando Varela #websession

As referees we can say, and the people in ancient Rome already knew: Errare Humanum Est. But as referees we have to be able to not let our performances suffer after mistakes or errors. I can remember a game a long time ago where I stepped in between to guards who went head to head as my collegue was reporting foul to the table. As I turned around the 2.14meters tall captain of the guests was down on the baseline. My refereecoach that game told me after that the performance lost almost 25%. Wish I had seen the following websession of REDIG24 before that game! Lees “Emotional Control and Mistake Management with Orlando Varela #websession” verder