This is my preparation, how do you prepare??

We hope most of our readers are (more or less slowly) starting to think about the new season. As we all have been away from the game for a long time it’s smart to take moment and think about how you are going to prepare for the next season. We stumbled upon a digital session conducted by FIBA referee Julio Anaya headlined: ‘This is my preparation, and how do you prepare?’ . It apparantly was the first session for the new platform Referees Evolving Digitally. Lees “This is my preparation, how do you prepare??” verder

Webinar Unsportsmanlike fouls by Sretan Radovic

During this crazy long offseason we’ve seen several nice online startups appear, all aimed at sharing knowledge and improving referees. If anything good comes from COVID19 it should be that we as referees get closer to uniformly maintaining rules and regulations ;-).

Euroleague referee Sreten Radovic from Croatia went online to share his knowledge about Unsportsmenlike fouls.  If you have like 90 minutes, I’d say grab a coffee and check the lecture.
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Webinar: Evaluation of officiating in the last decade

The Galician Basketball Federation (FGB) organizes a virtual round table tomorrow  (june 9th) dedicated to the ‘Evolution of officiating in the last decade’, which is open to referees and table officers until it covers the planned 250 places. Lees “Webinar: Evaluation of officiating in the last decade” verder

NSL: Damir Javor about Signals and Non verbal Communication

During this strange time that is Covid-19 we’ve seen several e-learning platforms arise. One that really deserves some attention is: Never Stop Learning (NSL). Today they will feature Euroleague Referee Damir Javor. Lees “NSL: Damir Javor about Signals and Non verbal Communication” verder