Counting down to opening subscriptions

In the upcoming days we will open the subscriptions for 2023 Eyeopener Camp. After some corona induced absences in the past years will return to Berlin for the 6th edition of their international referee clinic. One thing is for sure: Bob Bhania will once again lead the coaching staff that will feature some interesting names.
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Everything can be prepared: Communication

After a preseason game before the season I drove home, musing about the things I could have answered in the situations where players and coaches were verbally displaying their disagreement with my calls. One of our coaches always says ‘Everything can be prepared’. He most certainly is right. Lees verder “Everything can be prepared: Communication”

OBRI Updated!

A certain amount of our followers has reached out about the lack of updates. The case is not alarming as it could have been: a new job that started on November first has brought a new calendar for the week, so we are looking to find a place for everything, but it could take us some time.
The document down below is too important not to share: A new edition of the Official Basketball Rules and Interpretations (OBRI, for those of you who never saw that abbreviation before) and you can find it down below. Changes are in yellow and as you can see: effective immediately!!
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