Valentin Oliot live in den Bosch 20h05

There’s another referee in our community that will see action tonight. Frenchmen Valentin Oliot (far right in the picture) will feature in the second game in den Bosch tonight. He will be accompanied by Russian Sergey Mikhailov and serbian Vladimir Jevtovic. Commisionar is Juris Kokainis from Latvia. Arged BMSLAM Stal will take on the hosts of the bubble: New Heroes den Bosch. Stream is down here to be found. Lees “Valentin Oliot live in den Bosch 20h05” verder

Maxime Boubert live in action today at 17.00

French coming star Maxime Boubert is lacing up his peaks today in den Bosch for the Europecup round of 16 battle between Promotey and Belfius Mons-Hainaut. He will team up with Gintaras Vitkauskas from Lithuania and Goran Sljivic from Austria. Commissionar for this match that will tip off at 17.00 Amsterdam time and can be seen down below will be Juris Kokainis. Lees “Maxime Boubert live in action today at 17.00” verder

Score yes or no and how many points?

We all know that the semi cirkel we call the threepointline is an important part of the court right? We stumbled upon a very nice clip that will amaze you. Hit us with your own version of this play and tell us how many tries it took you to record it 😉
Since we are targeting referees here we also have a nice question: Do you count this score and how many points will you award if this happens in your game?

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Europese Kwartfinalebubble voor van Slooten

Een jaar geleden toen er uit het Verre Oosten iets over kwam waaien zat Bert van Slooten in Belgie in een hotel toen de kwartfinale van de dames van Castors Braine afgeblazen werd. Nu een jaar later is van Slooten opnieuw geselecteerd voor een kwartfinale bubbel. Deze zal plaatsvinden in Valencia. Lees “Europese Kwartfinalebubble voor van Slooten” verder

To whistle or not to whistle?

The situation in this clip is kinda the textbook example of the essential question: am I blowing my whistle yes or no?? Off course there is rules, but we also have common sense. But let’s hear what you guys are giving in this situation: Are you calling or not??? and please share the ‘why’. It’s more interesting than just Yes or No.
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