Oops!! Let’s think what we’d do ourselves

We all know, or at least I hope we do, the rule when another player is going to the freethrowline to shoot the freebees one of his teammates earned. The clip shows a situation where the team with the whistle messes up the situation. But let’s ask ourselves: Are we always sure about who should go to the line? And are there ways to avoid the wrong shooter on the line?? Feel free to bring your tips to the comments section Lees “Oops!! Let’s think what we’d do ourselves” verder

Double whistle.. now what?

Offcourse everybody visiting this site (and there’s lots of you from all around the globe..thank you so much for that) thinks of himself (or herself for the matter) that they are smarter than the refs in this clip. Still we think it’s a nice brainteaser, because let’s be honest: How many of you do immediately signal the violation or the foul upon blowing the whistle? Tuuut, you’re in trouble!  Lees “Double whistle.. now what?” verder