Words of wisdom: The eight ball!

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Humans primary needs are Air, Water and Food.

But for referees, there is the 8 ball. ( The 8 ball tattoo signifies a person who lives life on the edge)

Does this explain why we officiate or why many people involve themselves in other tough lifestyles?

Look at the list below and ask yourself why you officiate and how you would change what I’ve said ?

1)      Ambition; Every official wants to officiate in the highest leagues or internationally.

2)      Materialism; Wear the top uniforms with the badge of achievement.

3)      Status; Be listed in the top officials rakings or appointment to finals or major tournaments ( yes, I’ve seen officials constantly check their rankings at the end of the season !!!)

4)      Power; This is a dangerous one, people with power abuse it and those without are full of resentment. I’ve seen descent people change overnight once they gain power. It make them very ugly and no longer trustworthy.

5)      Sadomasochism; Why else would officials  go out week after week  to deal with constant abuse on court and social media ?

6)      Social Conformance ; The requirement to fit in with a group, even when you are working with people you don’t like. It’s tough to smile when you are with them.

7)      Affection; Constantly wanting people to like you and to gain support and reassurance. We all want a pat on our back after every game. It won’t happen ! The only person you have to seek honest approval is from is yourself

8)      Information; Not only to learn about your job, but constantly see what games others have been appointed to and compare with your games.

( in 1938, the psychologist Henry Murray listed the above  8 as secondary needs of Humans)

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