Words of wisdom & The arrow of time

‘Superman’ talking to Dennis Rodman

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The arrow of time is a concept positing “ one way direction of time”

The moment we prepare for a game, the arrow of time flows forward.Even during the game, the arrow of time flows forward.

Time of arrival, pre game administration, jump ball, 10 min quarter, 3, 5, 8, 14, 24 seconds etc etc.

However like Superman who made time reverse ( to save Lois Lane) referee’s have to sometimes reverse time. This way officials can deal with issues that coaches/ players are frustrated about.A while ago, I called an Unsportsmanlike foul, coach went crazy about the call.

I reversed time;

“Coach, lets just reverse time a bit and if you can answer no to any of my 3 questions, I will reverse my call”

BB – Coach, did your player turn the ball over?

Coach- Yes

BB- Did the offence player have a clear path to the basket ?

Coach – Yes

BB- Did your player foul him ?

Coach- Yes

BB- Ok coach, how can you tell me I got the call wrong ?

End of conversation by reversing time !!!

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