Words of wisdom: Sunflowers

Bob Bhania and Dennis Rodman

From time to time our head coach Bob Bhania will share some thoughts with the highly appreciated visitors of this site. We kindly invite you to react and discuss to the topics in our facebook forum or on instagram

‘Next time you go past a field of Sunflowers, take a good look how attractive the sight is .

You will see all the flowers facing the sun in unison. But what you don’t see is what is going on out of sight.

Scientists have discovered that Plants co-operate below the surface, sharing nutrients and demonstrate collaborating behaviour.

A Sunflower has a main tap root off which smaller secondary tributaries grow. Unsurprisingly , a lone plant will send out more of these secondary roots when it encounters a patch of nutrient rich soil. However, this behaviour changes when it has a neighbour that is as well placed to benefit from the same fertile patch. In such cases, each Sunflower sends out fewer secondary roots, as if they have agreed no to compete but  cooperate in sharing the nutrients and effectively  produce the best flowers;

Here is a lesson for officials. Work together and stick to your primary root and stop sending out  too many secondary tributaries. Collaborate and Cooperate as Sunflowers do. The game which officiated well will be similar to an attractive field of Sunflowers.’

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