Words of Wisdom: Pressure vs Performance

From time to time our head coach Bob Bhania will share some thoughts with the highly appreciated visitors of this site. We kindly invite you to react and discuss to the topics in our facebook forum or on instagram

The diagram above shows five stage of performance referees find themselves in. The parameters are pressure and performance.

  • 1) Low pressure, low interest in the game, referee isn’t interested in officiating this game. They consider the level below their ability !
  • 2) Referee is clock watching and wants the game to end, consider the game boring, mind is drifting to other things. Not getting up and down the floor.
  • 3) High performance, referee is keeping up with the game and complete concentration. Mind is on the game  and enjoying the contest
  • 4) Game is beyond the referee. Can not keep up with the game, probably carrying an injury , mind is focused on the clock hoping the game will end soon. Too much stress and pressure
  • 5) Complete burn out. Game is too big for the official who is scared of the contest, player(s) and Coach(s)

    Bob’s question: Where have you been in the last three games you did, and what do you need to do to get to the top of Bob’s  Pyramid ?

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