Words of Wisdom: Empathy

From time to time our head coach Bob Bhania will share some thoughts with the highly appreciated visitors of this site. We kindly invite you to react and discuss to the topics in our facebook forum or on instagram

‘You have to understand players and coaches as a referee. Empathy is the magic word: the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

When players complain about a call or no call, you use: Emotional Emphaty. That means: imaginatively taking the role of the player and fully understanding the players actions and thoughts. Then have the ability to clearly explain why what they did was not within the rules or a reason why they didn’t actually achieve what they wanted to do (  classic example is explaining to a player why you called a block or a charge, “ the defender made the spot and had legal guarding position, therefore a charge !”)

When Coaches complain use Operational Emphaty:  Understanding a coaches frustration because they feel there is a level of inconsistency in the officiating standards but have the ability shift the coaches thought process by clearly explaining why you are making certain calls and how there is consistency at both ends. ( classic example is saying that the players actions looked similar but they were not the same, once again, charge-block. “ Hey coach, your player did not make the spot in time and therefore it was a block!)

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