Words of Wisdom

During the holidays our headcoach Bob Bhania sent a message to our headquarters with a link to the clip in the article down below. The question was: Watch this video and tell me what you think ? I know it sounds crazy but it a big lesson in officiating

Let us be honest with you guys. We didn’t come up with great things. ‘i can see teamwork, eyecontact, having fun in what you’re doing…. moving swiftly.’

Mastermind told us: ‘Ok, here goes, when the music stops playing, they keep dancing in rythm and as you say eye contact and teamwork flow and feeling is still there. The reason the music stopped playing was a deliberate ploy. This was to show the world that the girl Is deaf. For me ( as you know) I saw something different. It shows that if we stop listening to the noise outside of us and dance to the music inside of us, the world becomes smoother and we feel and perform better. That’s my view on officiating, stop listening to the noise outside and feel the music and rythm within. The team work and flow would be smoother and better. It reminded me of a turning point in my career: ‘I did Georgia Tech v NC. The pregame was on a board for about 45 mins. It was an amazing game, flow, commitment, consistency, communication and everything else just fell into place because we had to dance without the noise but just the music inside us. Why you ask? Both of my collegues were deaf’

Our wish for everybody is that we wish all refs will be able to dance a little more to their own music and rythm within. Happy New Year everybody!

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