Where do we continue?

This weekend we witnessed a nice situation in a game that we saw. The situation was kind of strange and we’d love to share it with you as our followers. As we are writing this article, the poll on our Instagram is showing an almost balanced answer.  Situation was as follows: After a rebound team A goes for the fast break. As a4 dribbles and penetrates the three point area on his front court, a3 and B5 are pushing each other before the eyes of the trail referee. Both a3 and B5 are assessed with an Unsportsmanlike foul by the trailreferee for that push. But the question now: Where do we continue??

Answer A: On front court, because there’s where the ball was on the moment of the call?

Answer B: On back court, because that where the infraction took place??

6 gedachten aan “Where do we continue?”

  1. Nice case ))
    I think it should be on front court.
    Both players got Unsportsmanlike foul. The penalties should cancel each other. So can’t use 17.2.7 to dicide throw-in place.
    But accourding 17.2.2 – the thow-in should be from the place nearest where the game was stopped.

      1. Yes, I have seen the correct answer. In this situatation I throught about Unsportsmanlike rules and penalties. And not about double foul rules.

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