What is your call and why? – our opinion

It was good to see a lot of people reacting to this clip five days ago. It did however bring something to the surface: a lot of people want to use principles of advantage/disadvantage when calling for U-fouls.

When reading the rules around advantage/disadvantage there’s very clearly stated:

‘Consistency in application of the concept of ‘advantage/disadvantage’. The officials should not seek to interrupt the flow of the game unnecessarily in order to penalise incidental personal contact which does not give the player responsible an advantage nor place his opponent at a disadvantage.’

That means that fouls that are not incidental (U-fouls are not incidental) are never to be ignored because of advantage/disadvantage.

On top of that in the document issued by FIBA around Unsportsmanlike fouls, the grabbing of a uniform is specifically stated as a U-foul. Check example 37.1.2 to see what we mean.

Hence: Alltho it’s not a major pull in this case, we can not ignore that Spead Balance Quickness and Rythm of the action are hampered by the shirtpulling. The shirtgrabbing should not be ignored. There’s no place in basketball for defense like that.


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  1. Ach … Craapp .. explanation off this moment in this game.
    Go and see the whooole game and look at what`s happening in this game.

    Theeeeeeeeeeen … go baaaaaack again and see the game ..the whole game
    aggain and this time watch our Spaaaaaaaaaanic freeeeeking zebras in orange and
    think why Mr Crew Chief and Co go to the Spaaaanic IRS and take a different decision.

    Ach .. the ghooooly bibeeeeeel off the rules book.
    Yeep .. the rule of U-foulszzzz …

  2. Hey Grey Dude

    it seems as sometimes your keyboard gets stuck.

    As a referee you are appointed to maintain the rules. We might not like the rules, but if you start changing the rules into your own interpretation of them, you are not only messing up the game you’re doing, but also making it harder for your collegues who come a week later to do their job. To me it’s something I want to avoid.

    I can without any problem respect if people have a different view on a situation. With arguments we can try to convince the other of our point of view. The FIBA instruction on U fouls is very clear. Grabbing a uniform is a U-foul. And as U fouls are never incidental, the concept of advantage/disadvantage is not applicable here.

    So I invite you kindly to share with the viewers of the site why you think about a situation the way you do. Just posting that you disagree and that it’s a crappy decision is not how we are a referee family can help eachother become better versions of ourselves.

    Kind Regards

  3. It is nice to read that u hold on your belife off the way off one big happy familly. U open the window and hold on that vieuw from that window and that`s oke Coooooooool Friend.

    My keybord is older than my grey hair and thats becooose somme times things stuck on

    Please remember gholy bible doe`s not reff the game and so not the rule reff the game and we are not a robot. When u are not abel to read the game at THAT moment in the game the rules can`t help u out in moments like that in the game. Somme times is not black is black and U- foul is an U-foul.

    U respected my opinion and u gave an answer on my opinion. I respect that too as u know.
    That was not the answer on my opinion in this situation on this game.

    U don`t eat an Aplle every day maybe somme times u like a Bananaaaaaaaaaa.

    To becomme beter versions off our selfs we must understand why we don`t eat an Apple every day and we preffer eat Bananaaaaaaaaaaaaaa somme times.

    Right …

  4. Dear Wolff,

    I agree with you: I like apples, but yes, sometimes I like bananas.
    For me that is a metaphore for “basketball” vs another sports…

    As referees we are supposed to ise the rulebook. And no: knowing the rulebook by heart doesn’t necessarily make you a good referee. It takes more than that.
    The rulebook is one of the essentials elements.
    Another one is trying to be as consistent as you can be: for yourself during the game; as a team during the game; and as a whole group of referees.

    So yes, certain elements in the rulebook are giving us room for interpretation. Of course even then we’re trying to get as close to each other as possible, but is unavoidable that we’ll see differences between the referees.
    But other aspecten of the rules aren’t open for interpretations: we are expected to deal with it as it is. Weather we like it or not.
    Grabbing a shirt trying to impede a player’s progress is an example of the later.
    If the player is – even slightly – disturbed in his progress we must call a foul. And no, in this situation we don’t have a schale to measure the grade impediment. This is by definition a UF which should be called during the whole game.

    And no, it had nothing to do with a fysical foul (maybe earlier in the game) which wasn’t called as a UF.
    That is because we have different kind of UF’s…

    So please, make it easier… If not on yourself (whennthat is your opinion), do it for you fellow-referees.
    And when you don’t want to do that, maybe you’d better switch over to bananas and stick to that.
    Hopefully you want to keep on rating apples!

  5. Yeeeeeszzzzzzzzzzzzz ….

    Dear old paaall … Edward
    A pleasent suprise as answer from a whole different corner for
    an Apple.
    I know the dayszzz that u are found off an Apple and had a lotsz off blonded hair boxx of fluthering in the wind and u ask me of i rahter rate an Apple that Bannnanaaaaaaaaaaaa ….

    Rate an Apple is not so easy when we look at an Apple that there are more than one to choose. Want to an soure Apple or an sweet Apple or an juicy Apple or an creamy Apple.

    If the majority want to an Apple rather than the Bananaaaaaaaaaaa … waht will we do with comparison Basketball versus antoher sport.
    Will we like Bananaaaaaaaaaaa rather than an Apple. A tricky situation for the heroszzz off Despickle Meeeeeee …
    Yeeeszzz The Minioonsz.

    If u say rate an Apple rather than Bananaaaaaaaaaaa …
    thatsz worrying delightfull state off mind for the little yellow friendszz off the Minionsz famiglia.
    The little friends over there can`t rate an Apple instead of Bananaaaaaaaaaaa …

    So if migt there be an opinion off strange wayszz calling a U-foul or not let`s make work off the gholy bible and think off yourszzz great schameooooooooooooo way explaning thingsz .

    Right …

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