What a year!

Happy New Year!

No less than 174566 hits, (compared to 112912 hits  in 2020 and 77501 the year before) were recorded on this website.  We were able to put 300 posts on instagram with no less than 20376 likes. A little less than last year because of our personal editorial lockdown. The IG account had 1466 followers, witch is a nice rise from last year’s 1296 followers on new years eve. We’re curious to see what will happen in 2021. Thank you al so much for being part of the community and spreading the vibe.

After our own personal Xmas break we’re going to be back with ideas, blogs, clips, and even new dreams as our own  Officiating’s Cool- trips! How about that?

The Merchandise came in 2021, with mouthcaps, and drinking bottles. More info? Hit us on info@officiatingscool.nl

We hope everybody had a great holiday with above all good people surrounding you, whether it was at home with family or on tournament with friends, and we’d love to make 2022 even better than the year before.

If you have ideas, remarks, comments etc don’t hesitate to drop us a line. You can reach us through: info@officiatingscool.nl

Hope to see a lot of you this year!

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