Websession: Roberto Chiari about IOT

A few weeks ago we noticed that Individual officiating Techniques are not as widely known as we assumed. IOT is developed to help us as referees make better decisions on court, which will make our job even more fun to do! So let’s learn from the best! Mohammad Rahimy once again has Roberto Chiari , a two time olympic referee and very experienced referee instructor to share his knowledge about IOT.  It’s very worth watching!! Why not start improving your knowledge before the next game you are going to do!

2 gedachten aan “Websession: Roberto Chiari about IOT”

  1. Hello, my name is Mauricio Castellon, I am an international referee and national referee instructor from Nicaragua.
    I am writing to you with the intention of requesting your permission to translate some of your articles and share them with the referees of my country for their training.
    Obviously, in the translation, I would write that the articles have been taken from your website.
    Thanks in advance.

    My best regards

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