Wanted: Preseason Refs

One of the coolest things in officiating might be going to tournaments, to do games with collegues from other leagues, other countries and at the same time meet teams you normally will never see in your regular season games. 

One of the special tournaments for such events is the widely known Eastercup Tournament in Ibbenbüren. Next august (25th and 26th) they have a tournament, for the first time in this time of the year, but still under the same name.

Officiatingscool.nl and TV Ibbenbüren are teaming to get international refs to come. There will be a pro-league and an amateur league. We’re looking for refs interested to come over and have good preseason games and off course a nice time together.

If you are interested, hit us at: info@officiatingscool.nl so we can bring you in contact with the nominators of the tournament.

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