Violation or legal?

‘Hey officiating! You talk about covering violations and post clips about only fouls’ was the message we got last week and sometimes it’s good to be looking in the mirror. Therefor we found a clip by the amazing Sam Subby and the question is quite simple: ‘Violation or legal play’ ?? Please be so kind as to tell us why you pick your decision!

Eén gedachte over “Violation or legal?”

  1. Accidental touch, the player doesn’t move his leg to intercept the ball. I think it is evident! But if we want to make a step ahead, we have to ask us why this call was done? We don’t see the referee, we hear two whistles but we don’t know if the sound is synchronized with images! In many years of teaching to refs, the standard answer was “he takes an advantage” but this is the easiest excuse! If the player plays legal, the advantage taken is given by the rules! So a no call is the best call! Another problem may be concentration and focus on the play: if the referee is looking only the dribbler, can’t read the whole play, can’t read if the leg is moving with the defender or the defender moves the leg towards the ball. The lead ref is too close to the corner of the court, probably 2mt at his left towards the basket was a better place to observe the play!

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