Unsportsmanlike foul C1

Officiating is cool! Smiling is allowed! Photo: @ginaerdosphotography

Not everybody is lucky enough to have IRS present to help you make the best call possible. Therefore we need to hustle as a team (2po as well as 3po) to be able to assist on certain plays. The clip shown down here shows a turnover situation where the refs use the help of the IRS to upgrade to an Unsportsmanlike foul. Do you agree?? And will you remember this situation as you step on court later this weekend to make the correct decision??

Eén gedachte over “Unsportsmanlike foul C1”

  1. Me don`t knowww why FIBA changeddd the U- faul.
    Tell this The Big Grey Big Wolf why 2 players fighting on a loose ball on the court and they both go baaaaaaaaaaaaad to the ball .. they push each other a way and Kostas Sloukas get an U- faul from Mr. La Monica and Co ??

    It is monny time and in Oveeeeeeer Timeeeeeeee .. and the ball go out from Kostas Sloukas.
    Who gets the ball ??

    Just give the ball to Valencia Basket for out off boundszzz and nothingg else

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