Trickshot, what do you call?

Clips are not always as clear as they seem. The clip down below shows a miraculous threepointshot going in. But are we going to count it for three?? Most of the people responding to the clip on our instagram said yes. But…

Let’s look at art 16 of OBRI:

Art. 16 Goal: When made and its value
16.1 Definition
16.1.1 A goal is made when a live ball enters the basket from above and remains within or
passes through the basket entirely.
16.1.2 The ball is considered to be within the basket when the slightest part of the ball is
within the basket and below the level of the ring.
16.2 Rule
16.2.1 A goal is credited to the team attacking the opponents’ basket into which the ball has
entered as follows:
• A goal released from a free throw counts 1 point.
• A goal released from the 2-point field goal area counts 2 points.
• A goal released from the 3-point field goal area counts 3 points.
• After the ball has touched the ring on a last free throw and is legally touched by
an offensive or defensive player before it enters the basket, the goal counts 2
16.2.2 If a player accidentally scores a field goal in his team’s basket, the goal counts 2
points and shall be recorded as having been scored by the captain of the opponents’
team on the playing court.
16.2.3 If a player deliberately scores a field goal in his team’s basket, it is a violation and
the goal does not count.
16.2.4 If a player causes the entire ball to pass through the basket from below, it is a

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