Tournament Talk (3)

As promised before we’d talk a little about tournaments. There is hardly a better way imaginable to meet other referee-maniacs such as yourself. For coaches it’s great to work tournaments because there’s an immediate option for the coachee to work with the feedback given. And hey: tournament refereeshirts add to the fun too right? Last time we talked about Lemvig in Denmark, and just a few days after that the fun tips off in Lund, Sweden.

Lund offers an amazing way to start the year with lots of cool refs. The teams are basically youth teams, but this year three categories have been added for players U23: Boys, Girls and Mix! The gyms in Lund are really good, with nice room around the courts, and the refereeteam featuring Caroline Svensson and Sara Mansson always does a great job of arranging stuff for the referees that come in. The housing can be done in a partner Hotel of the organisation and that is high quality for a very reasonable price. If you want to join you have to apply as early as possible. See the pdf attached for more info. Invitation for Referees 2020

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