Are we calling a violation?

When taking on a big task, such as officiating a basketballgame, it’s important we do the simple things right. Violations often get neglected, and that’s a terrible waste of opportunities that can get you and your teammates with the whistle on the right wave in the game. Check out the play below and let’s see if we have a backcourt violation yes or no?
Lees verder “Are we calling a violation?”

Foul on the shooter yes or no?

In your pregame you need to make clear what you expect from eachother. Even if it’s all written down in mechanics it’s important that for example: you check who is looking high and who is looking low. The red team attacks the basket, and trail has an open angle. As the team on offense goes up there’s a whislte. Would you have called the foul on the shooter?
Lees verder “Foul on the shooter yes or no?”

Do you call it?

The angle is not the best you’ll get , but that sometimes happens to all of us. The ref on the baseline tho has a pretty decent look at the play in the clip. Todays question: do we agree on the decision it’s legal play or are we calling a travel?
Please be so kind as to share why you make your decision. We have junior followers who are looking to get better, and to understand what’s happening. Lees verder “Do you call it?”

What do you have?? -26-

The main thing we need to do as referees is make sure that in our team we’re more or less on the same page in our callselection. One way of accomplishing that is talk with your partners and friends about situations in clips. ‘Would you call a foul here? If so: why? If not: Why not?? What do we think about the position of the refs? That being said:
‘Do we have a foul or not??’ Lees verder “What do you have?? -26-“