What do you have?? -27-

We’re taking you back to a game we watched some time ago. The blue player penetrates in transition, and then…. you tell us. Is it a defensive foul, offensive foul? Or would you rather go for a no call?? As always: please share the reasoning behind your decision. Lees verder “What do you have?? -27-“

What do you have?? -26-

The main thing we need to do as referees is make sure that in our team we’re more or less on the same page in our callselection. One way of accomplishing that is talk with your partners and friends about situations in clips. ‘Would you call a foul here? If so: why? If not: Why not?? What do we think about the position of the refs? That being said:
‘Do we have a foul or not??’ Lees verder “What do you have?? -26-“