Subscriptions open tomorrow

As we have been working on a lot of things yesterday there’s good news.  Tomorrow we will open subscriptions for next years #Eyeopenercamp23
We will post the invitation on our website, and do have a collection of e-mail addresses that we can send it to. If you want the invitation on a silver plate drop us a line at or a DM on Instagram/Facebook and we’ll offer you the plate.
Later on we will introduce the members of our coaching staff. So update your bookmarks.

In the previous editions referees from all over the globe have gathered in Berlin to learn from Bob Bhania (twice Olympics) and his staff such as Paul van den Heuvel (Honorary Fiba referee from The Netherlands), Efim Resser (referee in Barcelona 1992 and over 500 international matches), Joske Kuut (Eurocup Women Final 4 in 2015) or Boris Peltekov (Honorary FIBA referee from Bulgaria).  The staff for the upcoming edition promises to be spectacular!
Participants have been from The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Estonia, Poland, Botswana, the UK, Norway, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Hungary. Almost half of the participants have reached topleague men or women in the years following their participations. Three of them even made it to FIBA (so far).
Headcoach Bob Bhania: ‘We are not saying it was because of our camps, but they undoubtedly had a good time and have been working very hard with strong but fair coaches’

So tomorrow it opens people! Be ready!

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