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Three participants in 2016

For the sixth time in a row the International Eastercup in Moabit Berlin will host a refereeclinic and just like in previous years Bob Bhania wil highlight the staff. The tournament and the clinic take place from April 9th  to April 13nd. will take care of organising the event in cooperation with the Lions from Moabit.

Eye Opener Camp

In previous years the camp was aiming on teaching mechanics in 3 person officiating to its participants.  This year there’s more to it: ‘Last year we had only 2 of the participants that were not familair with mechanics, so we added an aspect for this years event’ tells Bas Hendriks, chairman of officiatingscool. ‘It’s not that people who want to learn about 3po are not welcome. Au contraire! We take pride in our point of view that everybody should be able to learn 3po mechanics. There are hardly better ways imaginable than hitting the court with at least one coach on the sideline for a few days if you want to learn and improve yourself’ he adds. Lots of participants of previous editions have made steps up to as high as FIBA candidates camps and top level in their own country. Headcoach Bob Bhania: ‘That’s not only because they visited our camp, but it’s good to see that everybody goes home a better referee after four days with coaching and officiating. I look forward to coming back to Berlin. The refs are always eager to get better, and make great teams, both on as off the court.’




Some call him ‘Mastermind’. Bob Bhania (GB) has been mentoring countless and countless referees after his extensive career in FIBA and IWBF. ‘ After theory on opening night , we hit the gym to have people walk through switches and rotations, so on Friday when the games start, they have been on court and know how the new positions feel. As we have coaches present with close to every game, we can help refs getting to the appropriate position, and within a few games people will get the where and how they should be. After that it gets even more interesting, because we can give feedback in a positive way that participants can work with even in the games they are doing at the very moment.’   People improve by the game, an after games they will get together to watch clips on a special topic, or just discuss experiences.’


For this year he already told about the program: ‘At’s 6th clinic in Berlin (april 9-13, 2020) the focus will be on mindful officiating and mental agility. Head of the clinic staff will once again be the famous Bob Bhania who told already a little bit of the program for this years event. ‘ I want refs to understand that the relationship they have with coaches and players is an Me and it relationship and the relationships with co-officials is me and you’


Coaches will be present at (nearly) all games and will use a different perspective from how observers act back home.Bhania again: ‘We’re not there to get you to a higher league or relegate you. The coaches will be focussing on points to improve rather than saying this or that is not good. We’ll always bring it in a constructive way’ Watching clips is for other times. ‘You can get on youtube at home all you want. We are here to help you. . That’s a different approach’




Two options are available:

  1. FIBA Masters: Housing in a partner hotel of the LOC (4 refs per room), presentations of the staff, ingame and in between game coachings, dinners starting Thursday april 9th, ending at lunch on Monday april 13nd .

Special exclusive refereeshirt, special clinic poloshirt. Guaranteed going home a better ref!  € 225 (register and pay BEFORE january 1st and get a 50 euro discount)-

  1. National Masters: Presentations of the staff, ingame and in between game coachings, dinners starting Thursday april 9th, ending at lunch on Monday april 13 th.

Special exclusive refereeshirt, special clinic poloshirt. Guaranteed going home a better ref!

(MIND YOU: You will have to arrange your own housing!! LOC is available to help out)

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