Refereecamp in Paris a big succes.

We noticed a nice development in France, where BP14, one of the clubs in Paris,took up the nice challenge of organising a refereecamp. We decided to get in touch with one of the main guys in the club Lucas Diquelou.

The young national referee (2nd year) from Paris tells about his mission: ‘We as staff from the camp, that takes place in cooperation with BP14, want to make sure that refs who finish this camp all love officiating just as we do. They should fall in love with officiating’ The camp aims to bring more than just improvement in officiating. ‘We want to make sure they also build confidence for other aspects of life, outside basketball’.  The first edition in April of this year had some big names coming in as mentors. ‘Eddy Viator , who has done several big international finals (like Rio 2016) was there as well as Valentin Oliot. It was great to see them work with the participants, who were very eager to absorb the knowledge of these famous international refs. This time we had Yohan Rosso (who did the Worldcup final) and Thomas Bissuel as amazing coaches.

It did not end with those big names coming to their camps. ‘We also managed to arrange meetings with Joseph Bissang, Nicolas Maestre, Johan Jeanneau, Bertrand Peyridieu, Ahmed Ait Bairi and Jean-Michel Tartare who allowed us to their games in the JeepElite.’
The famous refs are not the only ones to make it a big succes tells Diquelou:’I have to say a big thank you to the staff as well because people like Adem, Max,  ALexis, Mickael, Wassim, Thomas and Ludo are great people to work with. It’s a dream coming true to stage such a camp and spread the word about how cool officiating is’ he says, his own eyes flashing with enjoyment as he tells about the camp.

Preparations for the next edition already have started!

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