Player down! It’s never nothing!

Last weekend I was on a tournament that featured teams and refs of all kinds of levels. We all have to work together on court, and sometimes I noticed players colliding or falling down following contact. And not a whistle was blown.

A few days later I talked to one of our first coaches, former FIBA referee and former Dutch referee of the year Barry Peters. ‘Fiba says: Whenever there’s impact between players on the court, it cannot be nothing’ What are the options when players go down?

You have several options. It’s possible that the defender is responsible for the impact. It can be a blocking foul, or pushing or whatever. But in an important part of the cases it will be his or her responsablilty. It can be blocking or pushing or whatever, thats less important in this case

Off course there’s also the offensive foul. We all know the criteria, (do we? We have 4 right?) and sometimes an offensive player just crashes onto the defender, or will push him out of the way. ‘You have to reward the defense for playing good D! In case the defensive player is in or on the no charge zone, you have the rules on your side: no charge means no charge.

What about flopping?? In case a player is trying to pull you a trick, the rules give you enough tools to act. And once again: It cannot be nothing.


One (or more) players on the floor: It cannot be nothing

1. It’s defensive
2. It’s offensive
3. It’s flopping and you have rules for that or the no charge zone and you have rules for that.



PS: if a player without an impact ends up on the floor you might want to consider your violations, but that’s another topic šŸ˜‰

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