Oh so difficult 3

You guys seem to like the Oh So Difficult clips and we get it. Online you have a sort of IRS to your disposal, and not everybody is that lucky on the courts. This one is a difficult one where lots of things are happening. We are curious about your opinions for the events occuring after the rebound , and yes we know there’s more happening and yes we know we’ve posted clips with less visible pixels. But still šŸ™‚

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  1. I agree for the first time with u .. Officiatings Coool Dude.
    I can not see whats happening and there are lots of things happening
    on court and better said happening on en inside the paint.

    I see that there are 3 refs and except for the lead ref. the other ones don`t helping him // her out in this situation and it is a difficult situation.
    This makes u a better reff if u help each other out or not.

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