IoT in breakdown

Our idea that most of you would be familar with Individual Officiating Techniques (IoT) proved a bit too optimistic. Therefor in coming weeks we will take parts of IoT and break them down for you so you can work on implementing these principles, introduced by FIBA to make our life on court a little bit easier. Today chapter one!
IoT is not reserved for 2po or 3po only. IoT is aimed to hand referees tools to make better decisions on court and thus become better officials.

1. Distance to play:
Untill recently the mantra was: be close to the play. Researchers found out that play is growing too fast to be correctly observed if you are close by. It is advised to be 3 to 6 meters away from the play you need to cover.
You don’t think play is too fast?? Try reading the graffiti on a train passing buy while you’re close to the train. And then try reading it 10 meters away from the train.

2. Open Angle, 45 degrees
We’ll always keep stressing the importance of looking for spaces between the players. For both lead and trail the new mantra is to keep an angle of 45 degrees judging for the line you are working. It makes you see more than working the lines in a 90 degrees positions. Check the pictures below for proof.


3. Be steady while taking a decision
When you are steady on your position your focus will improve. To top that off your eyeballs will not be dancing in their sockets, so your view will be sharper. Better view on the situation means better decisions.

Chapter 2 will follow soon!

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