Image of an Elite Basketball Referee

The image of an elite Basketball Referee

FIBA has one golden rule when it comes to prioritising for referee training for FIBA games – Game Control. That is ensuring a smooth running and dynamic game where players are able to showcase their basketball skills. This is the image FIBA is looking for. The two or three appointed referees are the ones who are responsible for this game control.

It is good to define and remember that game control is different to game management. Ultimately, it is the Referees that are in charge of the game. They define what is allowed and what is not – nobody

Having said that, it is equally important that referees look and act like they are in charge. Referees should give a non-verbal message that they are ready and able to make decisions. The core function of refereeing is decision making. Referees need to feel comfortable in making decisions without hesitation in the decision making process. Of course, the correctness of these decisions can be analysed after
the event and so referees must demonstrate confidence and trust or at the very least present so that others view them this way (perception).

Therefore, FIBA has added the topic of “court presence” to its training program. It includes mental training with an “I am in charge” concept. This will be combined with a physical training plan to create an image of a strong and athletic body, fitting into the image of professionalism and promoting game control.


Taken from: Fiba’s Manual for IoT , august 2020

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