Gameflow and call the foul versus no call

We know a lot of our followers like to talk about ‘gameflow’.  Some of them consider it a carte blanche to swallow their whistles on plays. Only a few will say the flow of the game is decided by swift actions of the referees upon calling. Quick administration of the fouls and a speedy restart of the game after the foul. If you take such things into account you can very much change the feeling of the game. And you’ll make life easier on yourself: if the game resumes fast, there’s no time for jibber jabber.
That being said: we are not advocating you call every contact. We urge you to grasp the essential facts of a play, and then make your decision. As in the clip that follows: Are you going for a no-call of a personal foul??? Please elaborate on how you reached that call.

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