Fifth Refereecamp a big success!!

The fifth edition of our camp in Berlin during the annual Eastercup in Moabit Berlin was quite a success. Despite some last minute withdrawals there was an amazing group of participants that showed great potential and growth during the days.

Coaches Joske Kuut and Bob Bhania tipped off on opening night with mechanics and a lecture about communication. On friday the crews went to court seven and eight to do 3po in for some people their first times ever. ‘It all went quite well’ Officiating’s cool spokesperson Bas Hendriks said. Off course sometimes there were positions double taken, or triple calls, but the level of officiating was quite smooth. On sunday (court 6) the teams were even more balanced as we had seen who’s capable of what, and matches between umpire and referees were more balanced and stronger.

One of the highlights in this edition was the first time the tournament had an all-German crew (Joshua Holtermann, Malte Linz, Georg Blueher) and the fourth German participant of the camp made it to the biggest final the 3po camp did. Compliments for Daniel Taupitz, who made it to the final with Roland Teczely (HUN) and Laimonas Kalvaitis (LIT)

All in all everybody seemed to have a great time, thus promoting our motto: Officiating is cool! And as soon as people are having fun while on court, they will be able to improve. And we all want to have better refs, don’t we?

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