EYEOPENERCAMP 2023 : Frequently Asked Questions

‘Hey guys! I have a question!’ A lot of the messages we’ve received in the most recent days started with these words or more or less similar to that. So we decided to help you guys out with a FAQ.

Q: What’s the camp about??
A: Eyeopener Camp started out as a camp for 3 person officiating. Because we feel 3po is the future of officiating we will conduct the camp in 3po. But coaching will be on more than just mechanics. We will focus on conflictmananagement, communication, mental agility and offcourse: getting plays right.

Q: Will it be practical or just theory sessions?
A: There’s no better way in mastering mechanics than to work with them on court. So you will do games all through the day. Around the games you’ll work with coaches in small sessions regarding situations from the games, or in the whole group for plenary sessions

Q: I’m not in a league where we ref with 3 men crew
A: You are not in such league yet…:-) A lot of things are similar regardless of the number of referees in a crew. Think violations, fouls, communications etc. The fact that you’ll work four days with coaches and co-refs that are eager to get better, will make you much more aware of being in the importance of being in the right place, and smarter in handling your games. Yes, you will come home a better ref!

Q: Are there any requirements for participating?
A: The only thing we ask is the desire to get better. Keep in mind that the camp will be conducted in English, so a decent knowledge of that language is desirable.

Q: I’m over 50, can I still subscribe?
A: Yes, we are open for all ages. The youngest participant we had was 13 , and he really did awesome. The oldest participant was 55 and he did great too.

Q: I need a visum to travel. Can you help me out?
A: Yes, drop an e-mail to info@Officiatingscool.nl and we’ll send you the necessary document.

Q: Do we get anything for reffing the games?
A: Yes, 3po referees get 6 euro’s per game. So part of the subscription fee you can earn back!

Q: Any COVID restrictions for Berlin?
A: As you all know COVID moves in mysterious ways. For now there are no restrictions, barred wearing a mouth cap in public transport.

Q: Who are the coaches??
A: We’ll introduce the coaches in the upcoming weeks. Well: One of them you already know. Bob Bhania , or Mastermind as some call him. We’ll introduce him later.  In previous years we’ve had several high classed coaches such as: Joske Kuut (F4 Eurocup Women), Boris Peltekov (honorary FIBA referee for Bulgaria), Efim Resser (Olympics 1992 and over 500 international games), Paul van den Heuvel (honorary referee for Holland) and many more. So you’ll be in great company!

Q: Tell us about when it all starts and finishes?
A: On thursday we all check in and camp will start around 18.00 . Be smart and try arriving before that, because traffic can be a pain in the buttocks to say politely. On monday the camp will close. The last people normally leave around 18.00 or so.

Q: Can I come earlier/stay longer?
A: Yes that’s possible. Let us know your wishes and we will reply and possibly update the FAQ.


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