Difficult Situation

There are situations that you really want to avoid in a game. And let’s be honest: We’ve all been in situations that were tricky at best. It happens to the best of us, and gives great situations for discussions and getting better. Same goes for this following clip.

After a shot both teams are battling for rebound. Then one of the refs calls a technical on the coach. We all know that a technical foul gives us one shot. But where and how (shotclock?) do we continue??

I’d love to hear your opinions!

3 gedachten aan “Difficult Situation”

  1. Na 1 vrije worp zou mijn beslissing zijn een Jump ball situation. Er is immers geen controle van de bal door een van beide teams.
    Balinname op de plek waar op het moment van geven van de T het spel gestopt is en dus weer hervat moet worden.

  2. If player had possession of the ball, then technical is called, so it’s 1 shot and point of interruption, team red possession in the front court.

    If player did not have possession yet, meaning neither team did then a technical, it’s 1 shot and point of interruption- alternate possession arrow.

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