Defensive? Offensive? No call? What we would do (answer)

By special and repeating request we are going to try to post our answers to clips some five or six days after the original post. We are not going to distribute them on the socials, so if you want to know how we feel : check back and add us to your bookmarks! šŸ™‚

This situation occurs quite often. An offensive player sees a hole that is smaller than he took it for. And while rewatching the tape again and again I could not help but thinking: Wow, if only all leagues would have IRS šŸ˜‰

Back to this case: Red 41 and red 42 are closing the door that white 0 seemed to want to enter. They do so while white 0 is in the air. That is as we all know (at least I hope we do) too late. In our opinion you need to call a foul for one of the red players involved. Both players are stepping into the landing spot of white 0 at around the same time. 41 with his hip first (so no LGP) and 42 is more or less performing a body check. So Pick your player and award the freethrows.

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