Defensive foul/no call? #ourcall

Our post from last monday turned out to be quite interesting. We had people replying with: Should be a no call, and others turned in their strict mood and and opted for Unsportsmanlike. As promised we’d share our opinion with you.

Previously we have been talking about protecting the shooter. That means : A player who has jumped into the air from a place on the playing court has the right to land again at thesame place.
He has the right to land on another place on the playing court provided that the landing place and the direct path between the take-off and landing place is not already occupied by an opponent(s) at the time of take-off. (- FIBA Rules 2018 Article 33.6). In this case the defense steps into the landing spot of the shooter while the shooter is airborne. That is too late. Therefor: Defensive foul!

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