Counting down to opening subscriptions

In the upcoming days we will open the subscriptions for 2023 Eyeopener Camp. After some corona induced absences in the past years will return to Berlin for the 6th edition of their international referee clinic. One thing is for sure: Bob Bhania will once again lead the coaching staff that will feature some interesting names.
In case you had not noticed: Easter 2023 will start on April 6th next year as the new camp tips off. ‘We are really happy to be back in this season and return to Berlin for a reunion with some valued friends’ founder Bas Hendriks says with a twinkle in his eye. The Dutch founder of the organization that has spread its community over big parts of Europe and even Asia, Africa and the America’s believes that every referee, regardless of the level will get a boost from the camp. ‘If you are a referee that takes pride in his or her job, you’ll be inspired by meeting new referee friends from all over the globe. They are just as happy to be reffing as yourself, and we’ve seen lots of participants develop lifelong friendships after previous editions.’  Some might think that as the camp is taking place in 3po that participation is for elite level referees only. ‘I think that’s wrong. For some of us it might be the case that you’ll never get to do any league games, but working in a system you’re not used to makes you aware of the value of the right position in your own games. And let’s be honest: a travel is a travel, a foul is a foul. Regardless of the number of referees’ adds co associate Susanne Peels with a smile.

In the coming days we’ll bring more information about the camp, exact ways of subscription, what’s-in-it-for-you, the level of the fee, the program of the coaching sessions and off course we will introduce the members of the coaching staff to you all.
Keep following our socials and off course the website and you will know it all.  If you want all the info on a silver plate, drop us an e-mail at info@officiatingscool and we’ll get you an invitation as soon as the procedure starts.

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